Donovan Green shows you don’t need a gym to stay in shape, all you need is a chair.
Donovan Green Holiday Chair Workouts - Home & Family

Take the gym with you no matter where you go. Donovan Green shows you don’t need a gym to stay in shape, all you need is a chair. He has created the chair workout phenomenon that removes all excuses to get in shape. Donavan shows you can workout your upper body and lower body in a chair.

Scoot to the edge of the chair. Sit with an upright posture keeping your stomach tight and head looming straight ahead. Keep your hands turned to the rear of your body with a firm grip on the handles. Pull both arms up by bending your elbow by bringing your hands up to your shoulders then pushing the band straight up in the air keeping a continuing motion. These movements increase strength in your biceps and mid shoulders.

Scoot to the edge of the chair. Lean forward keeping your torso at a 45-degree angle from the floor. Drag your elbows up to the side of your torso keeping them bent. Extend your elbows to a straightened position leaving a slight bend in the elbows. Return back to the starting position. Sit upright by keeping your arms to your side with a slight bend. Lift both arms laterally to shoulder height, lower and repeat. This tones and firms the back of your arms and mid shoulders while burning fat in trouble areas of the arm.

Wrap your bands behind your back. Grab the handles with a firm grip. Lift your elbows out to the side making sure your forearms are parallel to the ground. Keep a straight up right posture. Push bounty arms out in front of you while lifting your left leg. Return back to start then repeat with your right leg. This increases strength in your chest while improving mobility in your lower body.

Stand up for this one. Place the band under the center of your feet. Switch the left hand for the right hand and vice versa creating a X shape with your bands. Pull the handles up to your waist. Soften your knees and step left then right. This is excellent for developing strength in your glutes and outer thighs. Glutes burn a lot of calories too.

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