Our Garden Goddess Shirley answers your plant-based questions.

Our Garden Goddess Shirley answers your plant-based questions. Shirley shares how to grow basil indoors, tell if a plant has been overwatered, get rid of fruit flies, and more.

PROBLEM: The leaves on my basil plant are too small.
SOLUTION: It needs light. Put it closer to a window or use a grow light.

PROBLEM: What is a plumeria pod?
SOLUTION: This is the seed. If you want to plant another plumeria plant with it, leave the pod on the tree and wrap it with panty hose. Once the seeds fall out of the pod you can easily collect them from the pantyhose.

PROBLEM: How do I get rid of flies that are attracted to my plants?
SOLUTION: The problem is the flies are attracted to the water in the saucer or the plant itself. Get some “sticky paper” for your plants to help catch and kill them.

PROBLEM: How do I know if I am overwatering my plant?
SOLUTION: A lot of times if the leaves are yellow, it means you are adding too much water. Research how much water your plant actually needs. It may also benefit from more sun.

PROBLEM: How do I transplant an orchid?
SOLUTION: Take out all of the moss, very carefully, from your roots. Replant the orchid in a new pot with bark, making sure to fill the entire pot.

PROBLEM: How do I transplant an aloe vera plant?
SOLUTION: Divide the roots very carefully and place the plant into the new pot. Do not water until the roots start to form or else your plant will be sitting in moisture without the benefit of “drinking” it.

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