Today on Home & Family Andrea Schroder Andrea Schroder is back with more ways to showcase your dreams and family. So many

Today on Home & Family

Andrea Schroder
Andrea Schroder is back with more ways to showcase your dreams and family. So many of our viewers loved Andrea's dream board project, so we've brought her back to share with us some more of her great DIY tips. Today, Andrea is showing us how to make your personal documentary called a " Legacy Video." And later, Andrea brings a special guest to visit with Mark & Cristina.

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Cristina Cooks
Today Cristina is in the kitchen showing us a recipe that won the celebrity cook-off on "Regis & Kathie Lee". Cristina's recipe for Beef Salad with Pasta is healthy and provides the nutritional value of a complete meal.

Brandon & Leah
Brandon and Leah are newlyweds, celebrity kids, and are now a rising music duo. Brandon, son of Olympic Champion Bruce Jenner, and Leah, the daughter of Eagles lead guitarist Don Felder, have known each other since grade school; spending their childhood in the then surf town of Malibu. Today the couple performs from their new album, "California Christmas."

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Anastasia Soare
Anastasia Soare is widely referred to as "the definitive brow and eye expert." Today Anastasia brings her innovation to Home & Family to teach us how to create the perfect eyebrow! Anastasia covers "the Golden Ratio" and plucking vs. waxing. And later, Anastasia will give you some great tips to crafting your eyebrows at home.

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Judge Alex
With 8 seasons under his belt; Judge Alex Ferrer has become a household name in dispensing his own brand of justice. Today Judge Alex discusses his inspiring story, starting as a young Cuban immigrant, working his way onto the Miami Police Force, then to a lawyer, and later becoming a judge. Plus Judge Alex brings along some of his more amusing clips from the show!

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Tony Horton
Creator of one of the hottest workouts ever, P90X, Tony Horton drops by to put Mark & Cristina through the paces. With the holidays upon us, the pounds can easily start to pile up. Today, Tony stops by to teach us some great workout moves and teaches us the biggest mistakes we all make when working out.

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