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Holiday Heritage
Original airdate: December 16, 2022

Ella, with the help of Griffin her ex-boyfriend, encourages her family to celebrate Christmas and Kwanzaa and to heal their past wounds before it's too late. Starring Lyndie Greenwood, Brooks Darnell and Holly Robinson Peete.

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The Journey Ahead
Original airdate: August 14, 2022

A famous Hollywood actress and a young wilderness expert drive from Los Angeles to New York. Along the way both women learn they can't run from their past to create the future they want. Starring Holly Robinson Peete, Kaylee Bryant and Mark Humphrey.

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Morning Show Mysteries: Murder Ever After
Original airdate: May 23, 2021

TV host Billie Blessings finds bones in the basement of an old friend's house, unearthing a dark secret that threatens to unravel the lives of the most powerful people in her city. Starring Holly Robinson Peete, Colin Lawrence and Karen Robinson.

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Our Christmas Journey
Original airdate: December 4, 2021

As a single mom and her teenaged son with autism come to a crossroad during Christmas, she must learn to let go so he can flourish as she finds her own heart healing in unexpected ways. Starring Holly Robinson Peete, Lyriq Bent and Nik Sanchez.

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Christmas in Evergreen: Bells Are Ringing
Original airdate: December 5, 2020

As Michelle's wedding approaches, Hannah steps up to help finish the launch of the new Evergreen museum while questioning her relationship and future with Elliot. Starring Holly Robinson Peete, Colin Lawrence, Rukiya Bernard, Antonio Cayonne, Ashley Williams and Barbara Niven.

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A Family Christmas Gift
Original airdate: December 20, 2019

When Amber spends the holidays with her Aunt Dora and helps plan a fundraising Christmas Concert, it brings Amber closer to her aunt and a new love into her life. Starring Holly Robinson Peete, Dion Johnstone and Patti Labelle.

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Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy
Original airdate: November 29, 2019

As the town searches for a rumored Christmas Time Capsule, a skeptical writer arrives in Evergreen to get the story on the town's "too-good-to-be-true" Christmas-fever. Starring Maggie Lawson, Paul Greene and Holly Robinson Peete.

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Morning Show Mysteries: Death by Design
Original airdate: April 28, 2019

Chef Billie Blessings' best friend Marian is hired to redecorate the TV studio. When Marian's twin sister is murdered, Billie must investigate their close friends to find the killer. Starring Holly Robinson Peete and Rick Fox.

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Morning Show Mysteries: Countdown to Murder
Original airdate: April 21, 2019

When a beloved supermarket owner is killed in the early morning hours before opening, restauranteur and TV chef Billie Blessings (Robinson Peete) becomes involved in the investigation of what quickly appears to be the work of a clever and darkly sinister serial killer. Even as her relationship with police detective Ian Jackson (Fox) begins to take a more romantic turn, Billie cannot resist involvement in the case, despite putting herself in tremendous danger. Starring Holly Robinson Peete and Rick Fox.

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Morning Show Mysteries: A Murder in Mind
Original airdate: April 14, 2019

Billie Blessings is drawn into a murder investigation when Katie Sanders, a former server at Blessings-turned TV star, becomes the focus when it’s discovered the victim was blackmailing her. Billie must sift through the mounting evidence – and list of suspects – to get to the truth and clear her friend’s name. Starring Holly Robinson Peete and Rick Fox.

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Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa
Original airdate: November 18, 2018

When Lisa (Wagner) takes a last-minute Christmas trip to her hometown of Evergreen, she finds that the historic general store has been closed. Using her skills as a professional retail designer, Lisa decides to keep local tradition alive and help the good people of Evergreen bring the store back to life. As Lisa charms a local contractor named Kevin (Deklin) into working with her, the pair find themselves facing one surprise after another as they restore the store to its former glory. When the staff at the Kringle Kitchen temporarily accept the store’s beloved ‘Mailbox to Santa’ for safekeeping, the townspeople find and rally around a mysterious 25-year-old letter that never made it to the North Pole. As old traditions are made new again, Lisa finds herself falling for Kevin, the traditions, and the town of Evergreen. Starring Jill Wagner, Mark Deklin, Holly Robinson-Peete and Barbara Niven.

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Morning Show Mysteries: Murder On the Menu
Original airdate: July 22, 2018

Beloved chef, restaurant owner and morning show segment host Billie Blessings becomes a key player in a deliciously deceptive murder mystery when a body is found in the trunk of her on-camera celebrity guest chef’s rental car. After the chef returns to the show and is implicated in a prior murder, Billie is targeted for the on-air ambush, even though she’s pretty sure the guy didn’t do it. Now caught in the middle of this mess, Billie must uncover out who the killer is, without compromising the investigation led by Ian Jackson, the cop with whom she has a complicated history. Starring Holly Robinson Peete and Rick Fox.

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Meet the Peetes
Original airdate: February 18, 2018

Follow Holly and Rodney Peete’s hectic lives as they attempt to balance raising four kids, including one with autism, running their HollyRod charity and spending time with Holly’s 81-year-old mother Dolores, who moved in with them after retiring from her career as a talent manager. Starring Holly Robinson Peete, Rodney Peete, Dolores Robinson, Ryan Elizabeth Peete, Rodney Jackson Peete, Robinson James Peete and Roman Matthew Peete.

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Morning Show Mystery: Mortal Mishaps
Original airdate: January 21, 2018

Billie Blessings has gone from beloved chef, restaurant owner, and morning show segment host to #1 suspect in a murder case when one of the executives at the network dies from poisoning. When the head chef at Billie's restaurant is arrested and held as a suspect, Billie takes matters into her own hands by digging deeper into a mystery that could incriminate people close to her while risking her own life in the process. Starring Holly Robinson Peete and Rick Fox.

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Christmas in Evergreen
Original airdate: December 2, 2017

When a veterinarian sets out to have the perfect Christmas, she assumes it’s going to be with her longtime boyfriend. But when a storm shuts down the airport, she crosses path with a doctor and his daughter. What transpires will give them all a Christmas more magical than they could’ve imagined. Starring Ashley Williams, Holly Robinson Peete, Barbara Niven, and Teddy Sears.

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Angel of Christmas
Original airdate: November 29, 2015

A holiday Grinch ever since her boyfriend dumped her on Christmas, newspaper staffer Susan gets her first big break to write her own headline story -- but ironically, the story is a Christmas-themed account of her own family's carved wooden Christmas Angel -- an angel that supposedly has magical properties to bring true lovers together. Starring Jennifer Finnigan and Jonathan Scarfe and Holly Robinson Peete.

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