Season 1 “THE GOOD SON” Psychiatrist Frasier Crane returns to his hometown of Seattle to host a radio talk show, but soon discovers he could use a shrink himself when his disabled father moves in. “SPACE QUEST” Fed up with a lack of privacy at home and at work, Frasier decides it’s time for his father to move out. “DINNER AT EIGHT” It’s a culinary culture clash when Frasier and Niles join their father for dinner at his favorite restaurant. “I HATE FRASIER CRANE” After trading barbs with a newspaper columnist, Frasier rises to the challenge of a fist fight. “HERE’S LOOKING AT YOU” Frasier plays matchmaker for his father and the eligible bachelorette Martin spied through his telescope. “CALL ME IRRESPONSIBLE” Frasier faces a personal and professional dilemma when he begins dating the ex-girlfriend of one of his radio show callers. “THE CRUCIBLE” Frasier is furious when he learns that his newest art purchase is actually a fake. “BELOVED INFIDEL” When Frasier and Niles see their father dining with an old family friend, they conclude that Martin once had an affair with the woman. “SELLING OUT” When Frasier is lured into doing on-air endorsements, his professional credibility comes under fire. “OOPS” When Frasier contributes to the rumor mill, he causes Bulldog to lose his job.
“DEATH BECOMES HIM” When a seemingly healthy colleague dies unexpectedly, Frasier becomes obsessed with his own mortality. “CAN’T BUY ME LOVE” Frasier looks forward to a hot date with a beautiful model who “bought” him in a celebrity bachelor auction. “MIRACLE ON THIRD OR FOURTH STREET” When his son cannot spend the holidays with him, a melancholy Frasier learns the true spirit of Christmas from a group of strangers. “GUESS WHO’S COMING TO BREAKFAST?” Martin is furious with Frasier when he spills the secrets of his father’s love life on the air. “A MIDWINTER NIGHT’S DREAM” Niles faces the ultimate temptation when he and Daphne are trapped in his home during a violent storm. “YOU CAN’T TELL A CROOK BY HIS COVER” After Frasier claims he can spot a criminal in a crowd, Martin challenges him to identify the ex-con in his poker group. “THE SHOW WHERE LILITH COMES BACK” After finding a long-lost letter of reconciliation from Frasier, Lilith comes to Seattle and tries to rekindle their relationship. “AND THE WHIMPER IS...” When Frasier’s show is nominated for a local broadcasting award, Roz suggests they persuade the judges by plying them with gifts. “GIVE HIM THE CHAIR!” Frasier learns that sentiment is more important than style after he accidentally loses his father’s old armchair. “AUTHOR, AUTHOR” Frasier and Niles attempt to join forces on a book, but wind up doing more fighting than writing. “FORTYSOMETHING” Panicked at the prospect of growing old, Frasier seeks solace in the pursuit of a pretty young woman who shows an interest in him. “FRASIER CRANE’S DAY OFF” While home sick with the flu, Frasier becomes paranoid that everyone, including hisown brother Niles, is outto take over hisshow. “TRAVELS WITH MARTIN” Frasier’s attempts at a father-son vacation turn into an outrageous road trip, with Niles and Daphne along for the ride.
“MY COFFEE WITH NILES” When Niles asks Frasier if he’s happy after his first year back in Seattle, the question opens up a comical and revealing family dialogue.

Season 2 “SLOW TANGO IN SOUTH SEATTLE” Frasier discovers that a steamy best seller was based on his affair with an older woman. “THE UNKINDEST CUT OF ALL” After Eddie fathers a litter of illegitimate pups, Frasier goes behind Martin’s back to get the dog neutered.
“DUKE’S, WE HARDLY KNEW YE” Frasier and Niles are upset when they learn that they’re investors in the company slated to demolish their father’s favorite hangout.
“THE MATCHMAKER” Frasier’s plan to “fix up” Daphne with his new boss goes awry when Frasier learns his secret. “FLOUR CHILD” After witnessing a woman give birth, Niles decides it’s time to practice his parenting skills --on a sack of flour! “THE CANDIDATE” After Martin announces his support for a radical political candidate, Frasier and Niles decide to back the main opponent. “THE BOTCHED LANGUAGE OF CRANES” Frasier endures the wrath of Seattle residents after he “slams” the city in an on-air tirade. “ADVENTURES IN PARADISE, PART ONE” Frasier’s budding relationship is put to the test when he bumps into his ex-wife Lilith while on vacation with his new love. “ADVENTURES IN PARADISE, PART TWO” Jealousy rears its ugly head when Frasier bumps into Lilith and her new boyfriend while vacationing with his new girlfriend. “BURYING A GRUDGE” Martin finds it hard to “forgive and forget” when he runs into a former police buddy who’s in the hospital. “SEAT OF POWER” Frasier and Niles confront the bullies who used to torment them in junior high school. “ROZ IN THE DOGHOUSE” Roz and Frasier discover that breaking up is hard to do after Roz takes a new job as Bulldog’s producer. “RETIREMENT IS MURDER” Frasier plays amateur sleuth after becoming caught up in Martin’s obsession with a twenty-year-old unsolved murder. “YOU SCRATCH MY BOOK...” Frasier falls for a pop psychologist whose stunning beauty blinds him to the fact that he doesn’t respect her “New Age” beliefs. “THE CLUB” Sibling rivalry erupts when Frasier and Niles compete for membership in an exclusive men’s club. “FOOL ME ONCE, SHAME ON YOU. FOOL ME TWICE...” After a thief steals Frasier’s briefcase and his car, Frasier sets a trap to catch him in the act. “DAPHNE'S ROOM” When Frasier’s caught in Daphne’s room, his attempts to rectify the invasion of her privacy only make thesituation worse. “THE SHOW WHERE SAM SHOWS UP” Frasier receives a surprise visit from his Boston buddy Sam Malone, who just left his girlfriend standing at the altar. “THE INNKEEPERS” On a whim, Frasier and Niles decide to buy one of Seattle’s oldest and finest restaurants. “AN AFFAIR TO FORGET” Frasier learns that Niles’s wife may be having an affair with her fencing instructor. “AGENTS IN AMERICA, PART THREE” Frasier’s tough-as-nails agent uses extreme measures to renegotiate his contract with the radio station. “SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME” The attentiveness of an overzealous fan leads Frasier to fear that he’s the object of an obsessed stalker. “BREAKING THE ICE” Stranded for the night in an old ice fishing shack, Frasier confronts his father’s inability to say“I love you” to hissons. “DARK VICTORY” Martin’s birthday brings Frasier’s friends and family together, but Frasier soon finds himself mediating everyone’s problems.

Season 3“SHE’S THE BOSS” When Frasier refuses to change his show to suit his new female boss, she banishes him to the “graveyard” shift.
“MARTIN DOES IT HIS WAY” The death of Frasier’s great aunt inspires Martin to pursue his lifelong dream of writing a song for Frank Sinatra. “SHRINK RAP” A psychotherapy partnership between Frasier and Niles brings out the worst in their relationship. “POLICE STORY” Frasier sets his sights on a female police officer who actually has a crush on his father. “LEAPIN’ LIZARDS” Frasier decides to retaliate against Bulldog’s childish pranks with a trick of his own, which winds up putting thenewstation manager in thehospital.
“KISSES SWEETER THAN WINE” While Frasier frantically prepares to host an important party, Niles tries to dissuade Daphne from pursuing a romance with Frasier’s contractor. “SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY” Labor relations go from heated to hot and heavy when Frasier and his boss negotiate a staff raise --and an unexpected passion for each other. “THE ADVENTURES OF BAD BOY AND DIRTY GIRL” Frasier and Kate vow to end their office romance, but can’t seem to keep their hands off each other! "THE LAST TIME I SAW MARIS” Niles follows Frasier’s advice to stand up to Maris, but she responds by asking for a divorce. “FRASIER GRINCH” Frasier’s thrilled by the prospect of a Christmas visit from his son, but he’s forced to brave the mall on Christmas Eve to find just the right gift. “IT’S HARD TO SAY GOODBYE IF YOU WON’T LEAVE” Frasier realizes he has strong feelings for Kate, just when she announces that she’s relocating to Chicago. “THE FRIEND” Frasier befriends Bob, a wheelchair-bound man whom he doesn’t have the heart to “dump” after he discovers they have nothing in common. “THE SHOW WHERE DIANE COMES BACK” The arrival of Diane Chambers in Seattle puts Frasier on an emotional roller coaster ride. “COME LIE WITH ME” Frasier is uncomfortable when Daphne’s boyfriend spends the nigh tin her room, but soon finds he’s even more uncomfortable with the prospect of Daphne moving out. “MOON DANCE” Realizing that it’s time he started dating again, Niles takes Daphne to a society ball. “A WORD TO THE WISEGUY” When Maris gets in trouble with the law, Niles seeks the help of a shady character who will solve the problem in return for a “favor.” “HIGH CRANE DRIFTER” Much to his chagrin, Frasier becomes a local hero after he physically assaults a rude customer at Cafe Nervosa. “LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP” In honor of Leap Year, Frasier urges his friends and family members to try something daring, but their own “leaps” don’t turn out as expected. “CHESS PAINS” Frasier challenges his father to a game of chess, but when Martin wins, Frasier becomes obsessed with beating him. “CRANE VERSUS CRANE” Frasier and Niles square off in a court battle over the competency of an eccentric millionaire. “WHERE THERE’S SMOKE THERE’S FIRED” The new station owner asks Frasier to help his fiancee stop smoking, but Frasier panics when he realizes his “patient” is his hard-driving agent. “FRASIER LOVES ROZ” Roz mistakenly thinks Frasier is in love with her when he tries to break up her new relationship. “THE FOCUS GROUP” When Frasier learns that one member of a focus group doesn’t like his show, he stops at nothing to find out the reason. “YOU CAN GO HOME AGAIN” Listening to a tape of his very first radio show sends Frasier on a somewhat uncomfortable trip down Memory Lane.

Season 4“THE TWO MRS. CRANES” The Crane household is turned upside down when Daphne’s old flame comes to town.
“LOVE BITES DOG” When Roz sets Frasier up on a blind date, Bulldog winds up falling for her instead. “THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM” When Frasier is awakened night after night by a recurring dream, he becomes obsessed with analyzing the psychological meaning behind it. “A CRANE’S CRITIQUE” After Martin befriends a reclusive writer both Frasier and Niles admire, they become obsessed with reading the author’s first manuscript in decades. “HEAD GAME” While filling in for Frasier, Niles gains fame after counseling a local basketball star who’s in a slump.
“MIXED DOUBLES” After Daphne gets dumped by her boyfriend, Niles decides it’s time to declare his love for her. “A LILITH THANKSGIVING” Frasier and Lilith join forces so that their son can gain admission to the most prestigious private school in Boston. “OUR FATHER WHOSE ART AIN’T HEAVEN” Martin buys Frasier an expensive painting--but Frasier doesn’t have the heart to tell his father that he hates it. “DAD LOVES SHERRY, THE BOYS JUST WHINE” Frasier and Niles disapprove of Martin’s relationship with his brassy new girlfriend. “LIAR, LIAR!” Frasier finds himself in a precarious position when he tries to help the troubled marriage of a former high school acquaintance. “THREE DAYS OF THE CONDO” When Frasier becomes fed up with the rules and regulations governing his condominium complex, he decides to run for condo board president. “DEATH AND THE DOG” When Eddie shows signs of depression, a pet therapist thinks Martin’s dog is simply reacting to the dysfunctional Crane family! “FOUR FOR THE SEESAW” When the Crane brothers go away for the weekend with two attractive women, Niles discovers he hasn’t quite cut his emotional ties to Maris. “TO KILL A TALKING BIRD” Niles moves into a prestigious building and tries to impress his snobby neighbors with an elegant dinner party. “ROZ’S KRANTZ AND GOULDENSTEIN ARE DEAD” While volunteering at a retirement home, Roz becomes convinced that she’s “the angel of death” after her first two patients dieon her. “THE UNNATURAL” Rather than show his son that his dad’s not perfect, Frasier agrees to join the station’s softball team -- even though he hasno idea howto play thegame. “ROZ’S TURN” When an on-air hosting spot opens up at the station, Roz decides to go for it -- but Frasier’s agent has other ideas. “HAM RADIO” Frasier’s attempts to produce a live, 1940s-style radio drama for the station’s fiftieth anniversaryproduce chaos instead. “THREE DATES AND A BREAKUP, PART ONE” While Frasier tries to juggle three dates in three days, Martin and his girlfriend face the prospect of breaking up. “THREEDATES AND A BREAKUP, PART TWO” Frasier tries to get Martin and Sherry to reconcile --to the detriment of his own love life. “DAPHNE HATES SHERRY” Frasier and Niles are caught in the middle when Martin’s girlfriend and Daphne can’t stop bickering. “ARE YOU BEING SERVED?” Frasier tries toconsole Niles after Maris serves him withdivorce papers. “ASK ME NO QUESTIONS” When Niles asks Frasier whether he and Maris belong together, Frasier goes out of hiswayto give hisbrother an honest, thoughtful response. “ODD MAN OUT” Frasier comes down with a case of the “bachelor blues” when he realizes that every single person he knows is dating someone --except him.

Season 5“FRASIER’S IMAGINARY FRIEND” Nobody believes Frasier when he claims to be dating a famous supermodel (guest star Sela Ward). “THE GIFT HORSE” The sibling rivalry between Frasier and Niles reaches a fever pitch when they try and "top" each other's 65th birthday gift to their father, Martin. “HALLOWEEN” Niles' Halloween costume party becomes a comedy of errors when he mistakenlythinks thatDaphne is pregnant--andFrasier's the father! “THE KID” Frasier is stunned when he learns thetrue identity of the man who is thefather of Roz's baby. “THE 1000th SHOW” Niles' envy and a series of mishaps may prevent Frasier from attending the festivities honoring him for his 1,000th radio show. “VOYAGE OFTHE DAMNED” To take Niles' mind off his marital problems, Frasier invites him on an Alasakan cruise --but neglects to tell Niles he’s also invited Maris as a “surprise.” “MY FAIR FRASIER” Frasier falls for a high-powered lawyer, whose successful career and take-charge attitude turns Frasier into a "wimp"! “DESPERATELY SEEKING CLOSURE” When, Frasier gets "dumped" by his high-powered girlfriend Sam, he makes a fool of himself trying to win her back. “PERSPECTIVES ON CHRISTMAS” It's a Christmasto remember when Martin sings in a church pageant, Niles gets stuck in an elevator, and Frasier spills the beans about Roz's pregnancy to her unsuspecting mother. “WHERE EVERY BLOKE KNOWS YOUR NAME” Daphne's attempts to lift Frasier's spirits by taking him to her favorite British pub backfires when Frasier decides to become a regular at “her” hangout. “AIN’T NOBODY’S BUSINESS IF I DO” The discovery of an engagement ring hidden in their father's drawer leads Niles and Frasier to investigate Sherry's checkered past before Martin has a chance to "pop the question." “THE ZOO STORY” Fed up with his cutthroat agent Bebe, Frasier soon learns the high price of hiring a "nice" agent to represent him in contract negotiations. “THE MARIS COUNSELOR” Niles is shocked to discover that his trusted marriage counselor and Maris are having a torrid affair behind his back. “THE SKI LODGE” A weekend ski trip snowballs into a hotbed of romantic antics for Frasier, Niles and their friends. “ROOM SERVICE” An unexpected visit from Lilith (guest star Bebe Neuwirth) stirs old passions in Frasier and new ones in Niles. “BEWARE OF GREEKS” Sparks fly when a family wedding re-ignites a long-simmering feud between Frasier and his fiery Greek Aunt Zora (guest star Patti LuPone). “THE PERFECT GUY” The radio station hires a handsome new doctor to host a call-in medical show, but Frasier, nursing his male ego, is determined to find a flaw in his new colleague, who seems just a little "too perfect." “BAD DOG” When Bulldog wrongfully takes credit for foiling a robbery and saving Roz's life, Frasier becomes determined to make Bulldog "come clean." “FRASIER GOTTA HAVE IT” Frasier's torn between his "lust" for his latest conquest and the realization that they have nothing in common except great sex. “FIRST DATE” Niles gets Daphne to help him plan a phony dinner date with a neighbor so she won’t realize how much he really cares for her. “ROZ AND THE SCHNOZ” Rozworries about thefate ofher new babywhenshe discovers thatthe parents of her baby’s father have two of the biggest noses she's ever seen. “THE LIFE OF THE PARTY” Desperate to make a love connection, Frasier and Niles join forces to throw a singles party -- and end up vying fortheaffectionsof thesame woman. “PARTY, PARTY” Frasier attempts to be in three places at once as he tries to keep his girlfriend, brother and dad happy. “SWEET DREAMS” When Frasier leads a protest demanding better treatment of radio station employees, the head honcho at the station's parent company fires them all.

Season 6“GOOD GRIEF” When Frasier appears to be in denial over losing his job, Niles, Roz and Martin join forces to bring him back to reality. “FRASIER’S CURSE” Frasier dreads the idea of attending his high school reunion, which always seems to coincide with a downturn in his life. “HOT TICKET” Frasier and Niles will stop at nothing to get tickets to the hottest play in town. “DIAL ‘M’ FOR MARTIN” Niles isn’t too thrilled at the prospect of his father moving in – until he realizes that Daphne is part of the package. “FIRST, DO NO HARM” Frasier suspects that his gorgeous new girlfriend is just using him to get free psychiatric advice. “THE SEAL WHO CAME TO DINNER” A dead seal “crashes” Niles’ gourmet dinner party. “SECRET ADMIRER” Mistakenly believing he’s got a secret admirer, Frasier jeopardizes his new relationship by trying to double his pleasure. “HOW TO BURY A MILLIONAIRE” After Maris freezes Niles’ assets, he’s forced to sublet his luxurious apartment and move into a “low-rent” complex. “ROZ, A LOAN” Frasier loans Roz $1,500 to tide her over until they get their jobs back, then disapproves of the way she spends the money. “TO TELL THE TRUTH” Niles hires an aggressive new divorce lawyer who may wind up exposing Niles’ long-running crush on Daphne. “MERRY CHRISTMAS, MRS. MOSKOWITZ” Frasier pretends to be Jewish to placate his new girlfriend’s mother. “THE GOOD SAMARITAN” Frasier is the one who could use some help after his good deeds backfire on him. “DECOYS” Niles secretly schemes to break up Daphne’s new romance with his divorce lawyer. “OUR PARENTS, OURSELVES” Frasier and Roz play matchmakers for their parents – with disastrous results. “THE SHOW WHERE WOODY SHOWS UP” Cheers’ bartender Woody Boyd overstays his welcome when he visits Seattle. “THREE VALENTINES” Valentine’s Day finds Niles, Frasier, Martin and Daphne on three very different kinds of dates. “THE DINNER PARTY” Frasier’s plans for an elegant dinner party are thwarted at every turn. “DR. NORA” Frasier is horrified when the soft-spoken lady shrink he urged the station to hire turns out to be a tough-talking tyrant. “WHEN A MAN LOVES TWO WOMEN” Frasier’s torn between dating his old girlfriend or a voluptuous new flame. “VISIONS OF DAPHNE” To Niles’ delight, a series of psychic visions gives Daphne second thoughts about marrying Donny. “TAPS AT THE MONTANA” Facing eviction by his snooty tenants’ board, Niles throws a party in an effort to get back in their good graces. “SHUTOUT IN SEATTLE” (Part 1) Despondent over Daphne’s engagement, Niles takes a walk on the wild side with a funky waitress from Café Nervosa. “SHUTOUT IN SEATTLE” (Part 2) The love lives of Frasier, Martin, Niles and Roz come crashing down around them.