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6 Reasons to Watch Romantic Comedies on Hallmark in May 2024

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Hallmark Channel has two all-new original romantic comedies airing in May 2024 and two Hallmark Channel premieres to kick off a summer of love! From getting all the feels from puppy love and a whitewater adventure like no other, here are a few reasons why you’ll want to watch Hallmark movies all month long.

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#1 - Hallmark Favorites Return!


Our favorite Hallmark stars are back in two all-new romantic comedies, including Cindy Busby and Benjamin Hollingsworth in “A Whitewater Romance.” premiering on Saturday, May 11 at 9/8c. Pascal Lamothe-Kipnes, (Never Been Chris'd) Stephen Huszar, (Love in Glacier National: A National Park Romance) and Kathryn Davis (Welcome to Valentine) are in for lots of treats and teamwork in "Everything Puppies” premiering on Saturday, May 18 at 9/8c!

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#2 - Gear up for an outdoor adventure!

A Whitewater Romance premieres Saturday May 11 8/7c
Maya is a strong but sweet hardworking businesswoman with a heart of gold. What she is not is a rugged outdoorsy type. So when the CEO of her company invites her to an exclusive whitewater rafting retreat in the Rocky Mountains, Maya’s not so sure she’s the woman for the job. Her boss convinces her she can handle anything that comes her way and sends her on the trip under strict instruction – impress the CEO and snag a career making contract. If she can do this and survive a weekend camping in the woods, the promotion of her dreams will be hers.

Shortly after arriving at Whitewater Lodge, Maya meets Matt, a man who is an outdoorsy type. Maya quickly realizes that Matt is also trying to snag the same coveted contract she’s after and once they’re done sizing each other up as the competition, they do not hit it off. But as fate would have it, Maya and Matt are paired as a team to complete a series of team building exercises together, including zip-lining, high-wire rope walking, and Maya’s most dreaded event (and worst nightmare), whitewater rafting. Let the adventures and romance begin! Starring Cindy Busby and Benjamin Hollingsworth.

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You can watch Cindy Busby in other adventures like "Marry Me in Yosemite" and "Chasing Waterfalls" on Hallmark Movies Now!

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#3 - Puppy Love

Everything Puppies premieres Saturday May 18 8/7c
Scarlett is a dedicated, hardworking entrepreneur and inventor looking to make it big creating innovative dog toys and treats. Her latest Pups Palate treat recipe is already all the rage with the puppies and dogs on her block, she just needs a distributor to bring her product to the masses. However, she can’t seem to land it on the shelves of any local grocers – that is, until she meets Alex who runs Paws & Wellness, and he is so impressed by her product that he places an order which quickly sells out.

When competition arises, Scarlett doubles down by putting all her efforts into keeping her business alive, as Alex helps her discover there’s more to life than just hard work. Starring Pascal Lamothe-Kipnes, Stephen Huszar, and Kathryn Davis.

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Stream "Love in Glacier National: A National Park Romance" starring Stephen Huszar on Hallmark Movies Now.

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#4 - A Romance for the Ages

Saturday nights in May kicks off with the Hallmark Channel premiere of "A Lifelong Love" on Saturday, May 4th starring Andrea Brooks from When Calls the Heart alongside Patch May.

Preview - A Lifelong Love - May 4

While trying to reunite her grandfather with his lost love, Annika teams up with college sweetheart Ryan to create a book about the experience, documenting different love stories along the way.

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You can also catch Andrea Brooks in "Romance to the Rescue" and "When Calls the Heart" streaming on Hallmark Movies Now!

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#5 - A Sequel with Star Power

Don't miss the Hallmark Channel premiere of "Big Sky River: The Bridal Path" on Saturday, May 25th starring Emmanuelle Vaugier and Kavan Smith from When Calls the Heart. In the movie, return to the picturesque Parable, Montana and follow Tara and Boone’s evolving romance. Tara and Boone are now engaged but tensions rise as they try to plan a wedding and realize that blending their families will be more of a challenge than they anticipated.

Erin struggles to find her place in her families, as now she not only has to share Tara with Boone’s children, but her father, James is going to have the baby boy of his dreams. However, a new foreign exchange student has arrived at Parable, and he may be able to give Erin the attention she seeks.

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Catch the first movie "Big Sky River" streaming on Hallmark Movies Now.

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#6 - Movie Marathons All Month Long

Get cozy and settle in for three romantic movie marathons on Hallmark Channel during the month of May! On Saturday, May 4 watch a When Calls the Heart stars movie marathon including "It Was Always You," with Erin Krakow and Tyler Hynes, "Feeling Butterflies" starring Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace, and a Hallmark Channel premiere of "A Lifelong Love" featuring Andrea Brooks.

To honor the moms we love, tune in for a Mom-Com-a-Thon movie marathon on Sunday, May 12 for Mother's Day! You can catch the 2024 original movie "An Easter Bloom" starring Aimeé Teegarden and Benjamin Hollingsworth, "The Presence of Love" starring Eloise Mumford and Julian Morris and many others. Check out the full schedule here.

Get ready to travel the world with Hallmark Channel stars in exciting movies like "Hidden Gems," "Love, Romance & Chocolate," "Pearl in Paradise" and "A Safari Romance" among others on Monday, May 27th for Memorial Day!