Fan Favorites - Christmas Movies

We asked our Facebook fans about which Hallmark Channel holiday movies are their favorites! Check out the collection and see if your favorite is listed.

A Very Merry Mix-Up

I love "A Very Merry Mix-Up." Alicia Witt is such a great actress in Hallmark movies. I love this one just because it's a fun story line. My 8-year-old daughter and I stayed up late this past Friday and popped this one in the dvd. Sweet, innocent, romantic Christmas movie! - Dusty Leininger Caubin

"A Very Merry Mix-Up" because it is so sweet and I laugh and laugh and I love how important the ornaments are. And all the rest of the Hallmark Christmas movies make me happy too! - Rhonda Cargill Yarbrough

My favorite Christmas movie is "A Very Merry Mix-Up." It has a clever and unique storyline told in a fun, happy way... with a very special and happy ending. - Donna Sirabella Wright

Catch Alicia Witt in the brand new Hallmark Channel Original Movie this holiday season, "Christmas List."