Fan Favorites - Christmas Movies

We asked our Facebook fans about which Hallmark Channel holiday movies are their favorites! Check out the collection and see if your favorite is listed.

"LET IT SNOW!! with Candace Cameron-Bure, because it's a great movie and it reminds you that during the holidays things sound better on paper to make that extra dollar, until you actually see what some decisions end up doing. And any movie like this where a person that hasn't had that Christmas spirit in a while ends up finding the joy of it in the end. I love this movie, and also "Christmas Under Wraps." And "Mrs. Miracle" is a favorite! Love all your movies!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!! - Tiffany Ann Carter

"Let it Snow" (with Candace Cameron Bure and Jesse Hutch) is an enchanting gem of a movie. There is more to it than one might expect. It's not only a delightful Yuletide romance, but it is about discovering a love of Christmas and all the magic it brings, as well as a love of.... ice fishing!?! (How can you not smile when Candace's character, Stephanie, excitedly announces "I'm fishing!" as she reels in her catch??) :)

Additionally, "Let it Snow" is about celebrating the wonderfully rich traditions of the season from around the world -- all taking place at a charming lodge whose proprietors and guests are like a long lost family we all wish we had. It's also about rebuilding a fractured father-daughter bond and healing old wounds. (I may or may not have had to dry my eyes at the end of the movie. ;) )

As Stephanie begins to warm up to Christmas and eventually embrace it with unbridled, childlike glee, it is both touching and endearing. Dare I say that some of us probably feel we are accompanying her on her journey of discovering the beauty of Christmas all over again. - Sherry Edie