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Happy Howlidays - Make Memories with Your Dog!

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It’s never too early to start preparing for the holiday season and with the help of the PEDIGREE® brand we have compiled the Top Five ways to have the best holiday with your dog!

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Take Holiday Photos
Find the perfect backdrop, like a beautifully decorated Christmas tree by the fireplace, to snap a photo of your dog. Don’t forget accessories like a festive bow or tie to impress your friends with the most adorable Christmas pics. But don’t stop there – these photos also make great presents for dog parents. Save a couple and have them framed for a special surprise come Christmas morning.

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Check out Christmas Lights Together
Start a tradition with your dog of going on an evening stroll to see the Christmas Lights in your neighborhood. Make a cup of hot chocolate and bring a few PEDIGREE dog treats as you stroll around. If your dog gets tired easily, hop in the car and drive around and take in the holiday glow together!

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Have Treats Handy When Entertaining
Love to have guests over during the holiday season? It’s always a good idea to keep treats for your dog handy, especially when you have guests over. Have your visitors give a treat to your pup – this allows your dog to relax and know your friend is also their friend. Just be ready, when you share delicious treats like those from the PEDIGREE brand, your dog will surely come back and try and get more!

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Cozy up and watch a Hallmark Movie
Spend a relaxing night in watching Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. Your dog will like nothing more than to curl up next you on the sofa while you enjoy a festive movie. Check out “Picture a Perfect Christmas,” which also includes an adorable four legged pal for your dog to enjoy too!

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Open Gifts Together
While your dog might not be the best at helping you wrap gifts, he or she surely will have a ball helping you open them Christmas morning. For extra fun, put a few PEDIGREE treats in a box and wrap them up. It will be one of the highlights of Christmas day!

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Celebrate Together
From taking photos to checking out Christmas lights and sneaking extra treats there are so many ways to enjoy the holidays with your favorite canine pal. Whether big or small, always remember that time together is the best gift of all!