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Today on Home & Family Thursday, August 29th, 2013

(Original air date: Friday, April 26th, 2013)

Taylor Hicks
Winner of "American Idol" season five, Taylor Hicks joins "Home & Family" today! First, Taylor catches everyone up on his life since winning "American Idol," including his new restaurant and his ongoing show in Las Vegas! And, of course Taylor hits the stage singing his song "Seven Mile Breakdown," complete with his trademark soulful blues sound!

Make sure you try Taylor Hicks' Jalape ñ o Poppers recipe>>

Get additional music, videos, and more from Taylor Hicks at his website taylorhicks.com.

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Laurie Kilmartin Comedian, writer, and mom Laurie Kilmartin joins the family today! Laurie is a staff writer for "Conan" and was also a finalist in season eight of NBC's "Last Comic Standing." Today, Laurie gives us a taste of her comedic stylings before heading into the kitchen to whip up a delicious Salmon Burger!

>"> Try Laurie Kilmartin's "Kid-Friendly" Salmon Burger recipe>>

Check out Laurie Kilmartin's comedy CD, "Five Minutes to Myself," at LaurieKilmartin.com and iTunes! And, make sure you follow Laurie on Twitter @AnyLaurie16.

Rosalba and the Zahira Dancers
Belly dancing is one of the oldest forms of dance, stretching back over 10,000 years. Today, Mark & Cristina welcome one of the most requested belly dancers in Los Angeles, Rosalba and the Zahira Dancers. And, after after a wonderful demonstration, Rosalba and the dancers give a special belly dancing lesson to Cristina!

Learn more about Rosalba and the Zahira Dancers at rosalbabellydance.com.

Cristina Cooks
Cristina is in the kitchen cooking up a delicious Shrimp Pasta and Asparagus Pesto dish. Plus, this recipe is perfect for warm weather dining, as it can be served both warm and cold!

And, you can get more great recipes from Cristina at www.cristinaferrarecooks.com.

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HealthyWage.com's David Roddenberry
HealthyWage designs and organizes weight loss challenges and contests in which participants can win money for losing weight. To date, HealthyWage has helped people loose 866,500 lbs and paid out over $430,000. Today, Mark and Cristina chat with HealthyWage.com founder David Roddenberry and learn how he came up with the idea to offer a monetary prize to people for weight loss. We also check in with the website's $10,000 winner!

Visit healthywage.com to find out show you can take advantage of living a healthy lifestyle!

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Bryan Barron
Co-author of "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me," Bryan Barron, joins us with a tutorial on how to "spring clean" your cosmetics bag. Today, Bryan shares where the inspiration for the book came from and also shares his picks for top beauty products for the summer.

Check out Bryan's Top Beauty Tips here>>

And, make sure you visit www.cosmeticscop.com for more tips on finding the best products for your skin.

Glennon Doyle Melton
The New York Times Best selling author of "Carry On, Warrior: Thoughts on a Life Unarmed," Glennon Doyle Melton joins the family today. Glennon talks with Mark and Cristina about how she was able to accept the real challenges of being a mother and recognize that her feelings of inadequacy are normal. And later, Glennon shares how her fundraising organization, Monkee See-Monkee Do, brings together women from all walks of life to support each other and their communities.

Find out how you can join the "Momastery" by visiting momastery.com.

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Mark Demonstrates the Foscam IP Camera
Mark is in the backyard with some great technology to help keep your home safe. Today, Mark demonstrates how to install and use the Foscam IP video camera. The Foscam is simple to install and can even be synchronized with your smart phone.

Go to foscam.us for more information.