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Today on Home & Family: Jane Seymour

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Mark & Cristina Chat with Jane Seymour
Our first guest today is a multi-Emmy & Golden Globe Winner, mother, artist, and all around Renaissance woman, the incomparable Jane Seymour. Today, Jane chats about all things Home & Family, including talking about becoming a grandmother for the third time. Plus, Jane talks about her passion for art and even showcases some of her own pieces. And later, Jane talks about " The Open Hearts Foundation," which stands for selfless giving even in the face of adversity, into communities worldwide.

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Learn more about Jane Seymour here: www.janeseymour.com.

Check out Jane Seymour's silk botanicals here: www.janeseymourbotanicals.com.

Shop Jane Seymour's Open Heart jewelry here: www.janeseymour.com/openhearts.htm.

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Virginia Willis' Creole Country Cooking
Author of " Basic to Brilliant, Y’all," Virginia Willis is here today with her signature down home cooking. Today, Virginia is going to teach you to prepare a traditional creole bouillabaisse. Virginia's recipe is a magnificent blend of seafood and styles from around the world.

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To keep up with Virginia, visit her website: www.virginiawillis.com.

Cristina's Creative Gift Wrapping
Today, Cristina helps Mark (and the rest of us) figure out how to wrap those oddly shaped holiday gifts. Using some of the new line of Hallmark wrapping paper, Cristina shows you how to get around curves and corners of holiday gifts. Plus, Cristina shows how to accessorize any gift with some simple products you have at home!
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Get more of Cristina's tips and how-to's here : www.cristinaferrarecooks.com.

Buying the Perfect Christmas Tree & Holiday Plant Decorations with David Walrod
Landscape Expert and Host of the eco-friendly YouTube show " Urban Dirt," David Walrod is here to teach you how to create a Succulent Plant Holiday decoration. David's Holiday Plant decoration is made with common succulents available everywhere (for those not in sunny Southern California)! Plus, David will give you the tips on buying the perfect Christmas tree!

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Check out David Walrod's DIY Gardening show Urban Dirt: www.urbandirt.tv

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Cristina Cooks!
It's time for some more amazing kitchen tips from Cristina. Regardless if your playing guest or host, Cristina has a simple and clever gift idea for the holidays, Gingerbread Cookies in a Jar! Cristina will walk you through the simple step-by-step gift that you can make with baking supplies in your cupboard.
Make you own Gingerbread Cookie in a jar recipe here>>

Get more of Cristina's great recipes here: www.cristinaferrarecooks.com.

Mark's Most Memorable "ET" Moments
Over the last few months we've gotten to know Mark pretty well! But today, Mark is sharing some of his favorite memories from his days at "Entertainment Tonight." You'll certainly remember when Mark was confused for superstar Tom Cruise, but today Mark talks about some of his other celebrity stories. Plus, Mark shares some of important lessons he learned while working at "ET".