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Today on Home & Family: Debby Boone

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Debby Boone
Multiple Grammy Winner and daughter of legendary singer Pat Boone, Debby Boone is here today! Debby joins Mark and Cristina to share some of her favorite 'Boone Family' holiday memories. Debby shares some warm moments celebrated with her dad, her kids, and her famous mother-in-law, Rosemary Clooney. Plus, Debby takes to the Home & Family stage to sing a holiday classic, "Christmas Time is Here."

Follow Debby on her website here: www.DebbyBoone.com.

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Marcus Allen
Hall of Fame Running Back, Heisman Trophy Winner and Football Analyst, Marcus Allen joins the conversation today. As one of the NFL's all-time greats, today Marcus is talking about the many new concerns being raised about safety in football. Especially as it relates to children, Marcus discusses the changes that he sees as being necessary to the culture of football from the professional level down to Pop Warner.
Follow Marcus on twitter here: @MarcusAllenHOF

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Celebrity Makeup with Inger Ostrom
Celebrity Make-Up and Hair Artist Inger Ostrom stops by to teach everyone some more high-end fashion tips. From Taylor Swift to Katy Perry, Inger breaks down the secrets to creating some of the signature looks that are blowing up the red carpet. Plus, Inger shows you how you can get that celebrity look at home with products like the all new lip butter line from Revlon.

WATCH Inger Ostrum's Celebrity Make-Up Tips>>

Get Inger's Celebrity Make-Up Tips here>>

Check out some Revlon's hot new lip butter line here: www.revlon.com.

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Cristina Cooks
Picture it…two days after Christmas dinner and your refrigerator is still bursting with leftover turkey. We've all been there, so Cristina is going to teach us a tasty recipe to help solve the turkey overkill. Using leftovers from her 3-Hour Turkey, Cristina makes a pulled turkey sandwich served alongside her spicy coleslaw with creamy poppy seed lemon dressing!
WATCH Cristina turn leftovers into a Pulled Turkey Sandwich>>

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Try Cristina's Crunchy Cole Slaw Recipe here>>

Get more of Cristina's fabulous recipes here: www.cristinaferrarecooks.com.

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Rick Schwartz
Back from the San Diego Zoo is animal guru and Zoo Ambassador Rick Schwartz! Today Rick has brought along more members of his exotic menagerie. Among Rick's special friends today are an Arctic Fox, a Red-Tailed Boa, a Yak, and a lot more! Plus, Rick brings out a highly endangered snow leopard as he discusses the need for greater conservation.

Learn more about Rick Schwartz and how you can help endangered animals here: www.sandiegozoo.org.

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Holiday Jeans
Fashion stylist Laurie Graham is back to show you some simple tips to dress up our jeans and transition from daytime at the office to nighttime on the town. Today, Laurie emphasizes how a few accessories can turn any outfit into a super trendy ensemble.

Get more of Laurie's style tips here: www.lauriegrahamstyle.com.

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Owner of Casa Vega, Christy Vega
Cristy Vega, chef and owner of the wildly popular Casa Vega, is back! Today, Christy is sharing a recipe for tamales that was passed down to her by her grandmother. Mark and Cristina are both learning today as they attempt to make their first tamales. Plus, Christy whips up a batch of Mexican Hot Chocolate while sharing some of her own special holiday traditions.

Try Christy Vega's Tamale Recipe here>>

Make sure you check out Casa Vega here: www.casavega.com.