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Marcus Rosner

James Cooper

Marcus Rosner’s amiable presence and charm shines through in all his on-screen roles. Born on the west coast of British Columbia, Marcus developed a love for Vancouver, where he is currently based. Throughout his younger years, he lived in a quaint and suburban prairie town called Sherwood Park in Alberta. After graduating high school, he was at a loss for what to do with his life, but a significant trip to New York City with his mother, in which they saw several Broadway shows, sparked the first flame of wanting to act.

Marcus has had an enviable career with numerous notable roles. He has appeared on SYFY’s "Continuum", The CW’s "Arrow", and "Supernatural", and ABC’s "Mistresses", and held recurring roles on ABC’s "Once Upon a Time", Hallmark Channels "When Calls The Heart", and Bravo’s "Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce" as well as the complicated bachelor cowboy Warren in the third season of Lifetime’s dark comedy-drama series "UnREAL", a parody on reality dating shows. Most recently, Marcus has been trying on a few different hats including writer and producer to add to his already busy schedule but was happy to take a break from those new endeavors to dive into the new Hallmark movie, “Love on Harbor Island.”

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