Episode 2005 - Heart and Home
From the Production Journal of Brian Bird, Executive Producer of When Calls the Heart

As our cast and crew hunker down for a long 7 days of shooting “Heart and Home,” a terrific script by Robin Bernheim, I get the feeling that Season 2 is turning a corner.  I can’t deny we’ve added extra soap suds into the story washtub this season, and we’ve almost needed a team of air traffic controllers to keep track of all the characters and relationships.

The best analogy I can make about this episode is that Hearties will be sitting at the poker table, and need to keep a close watch on what is happening around that table. Just like the epic game of poker being played on camera between Henry Gowen, our mysterious railroad magnate and ultimately, Lee Coulter, there is a game of relationship poker being played by the characters in terms of their futures.

Hearties need to watch for the body language, the giveaways and deceptions, and the “sleight-of-heart,” going on in this episode for clues about what’s coming next. There is an amazing, but challenging Season 2 cliffhanger building even the cast-members are nervous about. I’m seeing a lot of side conversations among them as they try to figure out how they will pull it off.  And it will be hinted at in this episode if you watch carefully, but I’m not sure even the most detail-driven Hearties will spot it.

But the bottom line is a riddle of a question I have for Hearties who will be reading this three months from now: “What shines like the sun but breaks your heart because you can’t let it go?”  Over and out until we start filming Episode 8.

-- Brian Bird