Episode 2004 - Awakenings & Revelations
From the Production Journal of Brian Bird, Executive Producer of When Calls the Heart

It’s the night before we start production on Season 2, Episode 4, and I have just finished reading the final production draft of the script we’re calling “Awakenings and Revelations.” Interestingly it’s the first script this season that won’t have “Heart” somewhere in the title, and it’s appropriate because the theme that keeps springing to mind for me about this episode is “free will.”

If you look it up on Wikipedia, you’re in for a college course on the topic that includes scientific, philosophical, ethical and religious implications. A simple definition I’ve always embraced is this:  God made men, but he didn’t create puppets or robots.  He gave them the ability to make their own choices, even if they choose against him, against each other and even what’s best for themselves.”  That’s why the title rebelling against our “Heart” trend on all the other titles fits so aptly.  As do all the storylines in this episode. 

I have no doubt that our Hearties will feel a certain sense of frustration with Jack, Elizabeth, Bill, Abigail, Rosemary and our new characters of Leland and Charles, and their choices during the scenes we will be shooting over the next seven days. But I think it’s a satisfying frustration because it’s something we can all identify.

I can’t think of how many times my own friends or loved ones have made choices that seem to be against their own self-interest or actually hurt others. That’s real life. We can be a stubborn, selfish bunch, we human beings, right?  When I think about it, it’s amazing anything actually gets done. There are seven billion people in the world today bumping into each other and they all have free will.  How on earth have we not already blown ourselves up a thousand times over?  But we also have the ability to get past our own flaws and do wonderful things for each other. That’s the constant tug-o-war we want to depict Hope Valley.

Citizens with free will all hopefully learning from their mistakes and choosing to do right by each other.  Growing, forgiving, learning.  That’s what I hope for civilization as a whole. I hope this little TV series can make that kind of difference in the world. The proof will be in some of Abigail’s pudding! 

-- Brian Bird