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Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson


Currently starring alongside Clive Owen in Steven Soderbergh’s, THE KNICK, for HBO/CINEMAX as Dr. Everett Gallinger, Eric Johnson has appeared in over 50 television and film productions.  He is most familiar to audiences for his starring roles in ABC’s ROOKIE BLUE, CW’s SMALLVILLE and the SYFY series FLASH GORDON as Flash himself.

Making his professional debut at the age of 12, it was his featured role in the Academy Award winning film LEGENDS OF THE FALL at 14 that solidified Eric’s passion for world of film – one that has evolved to include roles both in front and behind the camera.

Eric has enjoyed a robust career and has starred in many films and guest starred in dozens of television productions.  Recent credits include ORPHAN BLACK (BBC US) and CRIMINAL MINDS (CBS) as well as voice and motion capture work as SAM FISHER, the title character in Ubisoft’s, SPLINTERCELL: BLACKLIST.

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