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Pascale Hutton

Molly White

Pascale Hutton grew up in Creston, British Columbia, with hippie parents who harvested their own honey and were huge proponents of the Moosewood Cookbook. Her childhood was spent swimming in the raging Goat River, chasing chickens, and swinging from a trapeze hung from the rafters of their old barn.

After performing in living room productions of Winnie the Pooh and The Life and Death of Marie Antoinette, where she starred as Rabbit and Marie Antoinette respectively, Hutton went on to study in the University of Alberta’s BFA acting program. Upon graduation she moved to Vancouver because of her desire to eat great sushi and act – both aspirations have worked out quite well.

In addition to her role on “When Calls the Heart” Hutton has starred in a number of original Hallmark Channel movies, including “My One and Only,” “Summer of Dreams,” “The Perfect Bride” and “The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells.”

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