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Patrick Duffy

Patrick Duffy


Known for a prolific career that includes iconic roles on “Man From Atlantis,” “Dallas” and “Step by Step,” Patrick Duffy has consistently been an audience favorite. His popularity extends beyond a U.S. audience, with several of his series becoming benchmark programs all over the world as well. Notably, "Man From Atlantis” captured its place in history when it became the first American television series program to be aired in China.

Born in 1949, Duffy was raised in a small town of 600 people in Montana and moved to Seattle in 1961. He began the Professional Actors Training Program at the University of Washington under RAD and Old Vic Alumnus William Duncan Ross and Canadian theatre and movement teacher Arnie Zaslov.

Upon graduation, Duffy was hired as Artist-in-Residence for the state of Washington where he performed with symphonies, opera and ballet companies. It was at this time he met and fell in love with his wife, Carlyn, a ballet dancer with the First Chamber Dance Company of New York, while narrating their performances on their U.S. tour.

After a stint in New York City that included performing off-Broadway, Duffy relocated to Los Angeles, where he picked up a guest-starring role in “The Last of Mrs. Lincoln” for PBS. In 1976, he was cast as Mark Harris in “Man From Atlantis.” One week after that show was cancelled he was cast as Bobby Ewing in “Dallas.” While on “Dallas” he began his directing career by helming 30 episodes of that series and went on to direct 49 episodes of “Step by Step,” a family sitcom on ABC in which he starred alongside Suzanne Somers for seven seasons.

Recently, Duffy starred as Stephen Logan in “The Bold and the Beautiful” and reprised his role as Bobby Ewing in the reboot of “Dallas.”

In his spare time Duffy has completed writing the first of a trilogy of science fiction books of the “Man From Atlantis.”

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