Sunday January 23 6:00 PM / 5:00c
Eugene Baffoe

Eugene Baffoe


Eugene "GeNie" Baffoe is a Hip Hop Dancer, choreographer, educator, actor and filmmaker originally from Montreal Québec. He is the co-creator of a non-profit charity dance showcase, Dance 4 MS, which has raised over $5,000 towards multiple sclerosis research. GeNie has choreographed 2 Blue bomber halftime shows and 2 opening numbers for WeDay.

Last year, GeNie was selected by the National Ballet School in Toronto as one of 2 Canadian choreographers to create the Sharing Dance flash mob routine for Canada’s 150th anniversary performed by communities across the country. This year, he has created and directed his first documentary called Our Scene The Movie, a film about the history of hip-hop dance in Winnipeg. GeNie had appeared numerous projects such “Bravetown Lovesick,” “One Winter Weekend,” “Ruthless Souls,” “Tales from the Hood 3,” “Sweet Autumn,” “Ruthless Souls” and “WYNTER.” Honored by the City of Winnipeg with the Youth Role Model Award in 2009 and now a CBC future 40 under 40 finalist, GeNie is a dedicated artist passionate about his community, and continues to educate and spread the culture through dance and film.

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