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Hilarie Burton


Growing up in the Theaters of Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia, Hilarie Burton knew early on in childhood that she was an odd bird and that her sanctuary was the stage. Her teen years brought awards and accolades, but it was the bright lights of NYC that became her fixation. Upon high school graduation, Burton promptly moved to the city and two weeks later started her career as one of MTV’s most popular VJ’s. Burton spent five years as a staple on the network, hosting a variety of productions, including MTV’s flagship show “Total Request Live” as well as numerous specials. She earned her footing as a producer when she was granted her own show, “MTV Hits.” From there, Burton got back in touch with her acting roots when she was cast as the lead, Peyton Sawyer, in the CW hit series “One Tree Hill,” which she starred in for six years.

During her breaks from the series, Burton gained significant experience in the world of independent film, starring in “Our Very Own” alongside Allison Janney and Jason Ritter, “The List” with Malcolm McDowell, “Normal Adolescent Behavior” which was featured at the Tribeca Film Festival and “Solstice” directed by Dan Myrick of “Blair Witch Project” fame. Burton played Dakota Fanning’s mother in the award winning “Secret Life of Bees” and starred alongside Kris Kristofferson, Val Kilmer and Dwight Yoakam in “Provinces of Night.”

Taking time off to start a family, Burton reemerged as the hardened yet beloved Sara Ellis on USA's "White Collar.” After three seasons there, she continued to stir up trouble, guest starring as a Kardashian-esque starlet on "Castle" and the adulteress Dr. Lauren Boswell on "Grey's Anatomy." Most recently, she was seen as the whip wielding domination therapist, Iona Payne, on ABC's "Forever." Meanwhile, her new role as a mother had softened her rebellious streak, and Burton found herself having wholesome fun in the family films "Christmas on the Bayou" and the Hallmark Channel Original Movie’s "Naughty or Nice" and now "Surprised by Love."

2015 will see the release of Burton's latest project - the 1970s coming of age story of a young boy who moves from India to the American South, "Good Ol Boy" stars Burton as the colorful wife of Jason Lee. In her free time, Burton lives on a farm in Upstate NY and runs the town candy store. She is partial to anything with chocolate and sea salt.

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