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DIY Pressed Flower Coasters
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DIY Pressed Flower Coasters


  • 4 x 4-inch glass or plexiglass tiles
  • Dried pressed flowers
  • Foil Tape
  • Scissors
  • Clamp


  1. Lay the flowers out in desired design
  2. Take two of the plexiglass coasters
  3. Lays down the flowers in the middle
  4. Cut foil tape ¼”
  5. Use Foil tape to seam it
  6. add silicone tabs to bottom to raise the coaster

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At Home With Our Family - Seashell Centerpiece
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At Home With Our Family - Seashell Centerpiece


  • Seashells
  • Wood board
  • Hot glue gun
  • Multi-purpose adhesive for wood and glass
  • Mod Podge
  • Bristle paintbrush
  • Sand
  • Glass votive
  • Battery-powered candles


  • Rope


  • Glue the glass votives onto the wood board with the multi-purpose adhesive.
  • Once the glue has dried, attach the seashells onto the board around the votives with the hot glue; pile the shells onto the board to completely cover it.
  • Use a bristle paintbrush to add Mod Podge into all the little open spaces.
  • Sprinkle the sand over the glue and add sand inside the votives.
  • Allow it the glue to dry.
  • Once the glue has dried, use a dry bristle brush to brush away any excess sand.
  • Add the battery-powered candles into the sand in the votives.

*Tip: add a rope around the outside of the wood base to give it a finished look; this can be attached with hot glue

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DIY Upcycled Vases
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DIY Upcycled Vases


  • Tin cans of all shapes and sizes. I will be using quart cans, paint cans, gallon cans, and a few leftover food cans. The more the merrier!
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Fun things to decorate your cans with. I’m choosing loose pebble rocks and sand, a self-adhesive faux-tile that looks like a mix between glass tile and travertine, craft sticks, craft paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Sponge brush or artist brush
  • OPTIONAL: Acrylic paint for your wood sticks.


For the pebbles:
1. Pick some larger pebbles for some of the main areas and glue them into place.

2. Roll out the smaller pebbles on a sheet of paper or a hard surface.

3. In sections, going from top to bottom add LOTs of hot glue on to your tin can of choice. You will have to do this step quickly so the glue doesn’t harden.

4. Roll the tin can with the glue on it over the pebbles. Continue to do this until the entire can is covered.

5. Now, if we were tiling and grouting, this is where you would add your grout. But instead of doing grout, we are going to add sand to give it a beachy feel.

6. Fill your brush with mod podge and stick it in between all of the rocks. Remember that mod podge dries clear, so it doesn’t have to be perfect in between the rocks.

7. Take your sand and pour it into the spaces between the rocks where you’ve mod podged.

8. Set aside to dry.

9. Fill with your favorite greenery, florals or beachy items to complete the look and enjoy!

For the Faux-Tile:
1. Turn the can on its side for application.

2. Peel off the adhesive backing on the tile and lay it on a flat surface, adhesive side up.

3. Roll the can onto the back of the tile.

4. Cut off any excess with scissors.

5. Fill with your favorites and enjoy.

For the Sticks:
1. Lay your tin can on it’s side.

2. Make one bead of glue along the stick and immediately attach it to the can.

3. Continue this all the way around.

4. To add a little pop of color, take some acrylic paint of your choice and dry brush the sticks. This will make it look chic and rustic.

5. Set aside to dry then fill it with your favorite plant or floral bouquet!

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At Home With Our Family - DIY Hair Clips
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At Home With Our Family - DIY Hair Clips


  • Jumbo snap hair clips
  • Teardrop or trapezoid crystals
  • E6000


1. Plan out your design first by laying the crystals on the hair clip as accurately as possible.

2. Depending on the clip it may be best to open the clip to get a flatter surface. This should just give you an idea of how many you will need and how you should angle them.

3. Remove the crystals and apply glue to the hair clip.

4. Lay each crystal on.

5. You will have a minute or so to adjust them before the glue starts to set.

6. Lay them as flat as possible so they can cure for 24 hours without moving.

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No Sew Beach Bags
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No Sew Beach Bags


  • Cotton or Canvas Fabric
  • Fabri-tac
  • Grommets (multi colored)
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Iron
  • Rope

1. Fold your fabric in half

2. Take the pattern & trace it onto the fabric & cut out

3. Flip fabric so the pattern side is facing each other

4. Fabric-tac the sides together. Wait about 15 – 20 mins to dry

5. Then, it’s time to give the top hem some attention. Using an iron fold down a little piece & then fabri-tac it down

6. Then fold over your flap. Mark out the spacing where you want to put your rivets on the flap

7. After you’ve marked it out, pin the sides together

8. Then make snips into fabric where you marked

9. Using a hammer, insert your grommets

10. Measure out your rope to your desired length

11. String the rope through your flap & then tie a knot at the top. Secure knot with a dab of glue

12. Pack up your bag & head to the beach!

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How to Care for Peonies
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How to Care for Peonies

Spring and summer are the best time to select the peony plant that you would like to grow in your garden. To save money, wait until fall so you can buy the bulb Vs plant. Peonies are perennials plants that can live up to 100 yrs. There are 3 types of peony plants: Herbacious, Tree, ITO.

Whether you plant a peony that you buy from Garden center or bulb in fall, during the first year, the peony has special needs:

During first spring bloom, stake plant in order to keep stems from flopping over.

Use a soft tie such as velcro or nylon.

Plant in full sun.

Feed them with a potassium rich fertilizer.

Keep plant from drying out completely.

For best long life growth, remove flower buds from plant first and second year, this will cause plant to establish it’s roots and store energy to give a prolific bloom the third year.

Some plants can grow up to 100 flowers in its third year!

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At Home With Our Family - Paige's DIY Mason Jar Candles
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At Home With Our Family - Paige's DIY Mason Jar Candles


  • Mason jars
  • Glue gun
  • Cotton string
  • Cutting board
  • Knife
  • Skewers
  • Glass bowl
  • Shallow pan
  • Tapered candles
  • Foliage
  • Essential oils


1. Chop up old candles to melt down

2. Add about 2” of water to shallow pan and put a glass bowl into the pan.

3. Set on low to medium heat (you don’t want it to boil) and add your shavings to the glass bowl.

TIP: Don’t get any water into the melted wax. It will take about 40 minutes.

4. To attach your wick, drop some glue into the center of the jar. Take a piece of your cotton string

5. And let it drop into the glue. Push down with a skewer, popsicle stick or whatever you have lying

6. Around the house.

7. Grab your foliage, dry-fit them into the jar making sure they don’t rise above the lip of the jar, then cut them to size.

8. With a hot glue gun, attach them all around the inside of your jar.

9. Once that is done, you take a skewer and wrap the wick/string around it, making sure the wick is

10. In the middle.

11. Take your melted wax, and pour it into the jar slowly. This is the time to add your essential oils

12. If you would like.

13. Let this set up between 24-48 hours. Once they are set, cut the wick/string and discard the stick.

14. Light the candle and enjoy!

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Summer Painted Glassware
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Summer Painted Glassware

Materials for Frosted Sea Glass

  • Paint options: Spray paint for glass or enamel paint for glass
  • Painter’s tape
  • Painting sponge; use this if you are applying the paint with the enamel paint, not the spray paint

Materials for Plaid Paint Pen Glasses

  • Paint pens in various colors
  • Fabric measuring table

Materials for Painted Brush Stroke Glasses

  • Enamel paint
  • Paint brushes; for precision, you want to make sure to use thin brushes, not spongy

Directions for Frosted Sea Glass

1. Wash and dry the glasses so they are clean
2. Apply the painter’s tape to the glasses as desired for the design of choice
3. If using the enamel paint, use the sponge to press the paint onto the glass, not swipe (this process is similar to how you would use the same sponges on a stencil)
4. If using spray paint, make sure to completely cover the areas not being sprayed with painters’ tape for safety

Directions for Plaid Paint Pen Glasses

1. This is as simple as drawing the lines onto the cup with the paint pen
2. Use a fabric measuring table to wrap around the glass and make a small mark to evenly space out your lines

Directions for Painted Brush Stroke Glasses

1. Add brushstrokes of a single color as desired and allow to dry completely and then add another color and repeat until you have all the colors you like
2. Allow to dry completely

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DIY Tire Swing
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DIY Tire Swing

Materials for Swing

  • 1 rubber tire
  • Spray paint or outdoor primer and enamel
  • Drill
  • Forstner Drill bit
  • 3 nylon ropes – 10-12 ft in length
  • 3 Crosby Clamps
  • 1 plywood round pre-cut to fit inside tire
  • Upholstery foam
  • Colorful Fabric
  • Staple Gun
  • 1 Industrial Strength Carabiner Clip
  • Chalk

Directions for Swing

1. Wash tire with pressure washer before creating swing to eliminate rubber bits that can mark clothing. If painting your tire, use latex outdoor primer, let dry, then use the latex outdoor enamel, and let dry. You can also use spray paint.
2. Once dry, drill 3 holes in the tire, equal distances apart.
3. Measure the outer circumference of the tire and divide this number by three. You will use this measurement to mark and evenly space the holes.
4. Drill 3/8-inch holes at these locations. Attach a u-bolt or rope clamp to the end of each rope, pull other end through holes. Secure three ropes at top with clamp.

Directions for Cushion

1. Take pre-cut plywood round.
2. Place upholstery foam on top of round.
3. Wrap with fabric around the plywood and foam and then using a staple gun, staple fabric to round.
4. Place cushion inside tire.

Directions to Hang Swing

The swing should be hung about 10 feet off the ground, about 10 feet out from the trunk and from a tree branch at least 6 inches in diameter. The bottom of the tire should sit at least 12 inches off the ground, depending upon the size of the child using the swing. It should be high enough that the child's feet do not hit the ground. When hanging in a tree, loop the long rope over the branch and use a quick connector to secure the swing at the desired height. For a permanent installation, protect the tree branch by placing a scrap of carpet under the chain to avoid damaging the tree. The swing can also be mounted under a deck, on a playset, or on a brace between two smaller trees.

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DIY Highlighters
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DIY Highlighters

Materials for Liquid Highlighter

  • Mica powder (whatever shade you prefer and use as much pigment that you'd like)
  • 1 part grape seed oil
  • 1 Vegtable Glycerin
  • Container

Materials for Cream Highlighter

  • Mica powder (use as much pigment that you'd like)
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Container

Materials for DIY Powder Highlighter

  • Mica powder (whatever shade you prefer)
  • Container

Directions for Liquid Highlighter

1. Mix together and store in air tight container.

Directions for Cream Highlighter

1. Mix together to desired hue. Store in air tight container.

Directions for Powder Highlighter

1. Pour into container

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DIY Beach Towel Bag
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DIY Beach Towel Bag


  • Beach Towel
  • Fabric
  • Fabric Cutter
  • Pillow Stuffing
  • Sewing Machine


DIY Beach Towel Bag Pillow:

  1. Measure 24”W x 14”L on your fabric to create the size for the pillow.
  2. Cut excess fabric away to create the pillow.
  3. Make sure that the pillow fabric is centered at the front end of your towel.
  4. Pin the sides of your fabric to the towel.
  5. Sew 3 sides of your fabric onto the towel.
  6. Leave about 6” of room for your hand to fit inside to stuff the open side.
  7. Stuff open pocket with pillow stuffing.
  8. Pin the 6” closed.
  9. Sew final 6” closed.
  10. Hold towel with pillow finished.

DIY Beach Towel Straps:

  1. Cut fabric for straps. Make it double the width you actually need.
  2. Fold and iron each side of the fabric strap.
  3. Sew ends of fabric together.
  4. Safety pin the top and feed through to hide your frayed edges.
  5. Iron handle so it is fully flat.
  6. Fold the fabric at the end a couple of times to hide any of the fray.
  7. Attach one of the straps to the end of the towel.
  8. Pin each end of the fabric onto the towel.
  9. Sew each end of the fabric straps onto the end of the towel.
  10. The second strap will go in the middle of the back of the towel to ensure the bag has two straps and can be held upright. Use pins to keep a placeholder in your towel. Then, sew the straps onto the towel similar to the first strap sewn.
  11. You can choose to use leftover fabric scraps from previous projects to add a different design/pop of color to your DIY Beach Towel Bag.
DIY Summer Sun Hats
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DIY Summer Sun Hats


  • Hats
  • Material
  • Mod Podge
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Paint brush


1. Cut out your fabric and decide where you want it placed on your hat.
2. Once you decide placement, place Mod Podge on hat as well as back of material
3. Place on hat
4. Generously apply Mod Podge to top of fabric and smooth out any wrinkles
5. Let Dry

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DIY Flower Pots Three Ways
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DIY Flower Pots Three Ways


  • Clay Pot
  • Air Dry Clay
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Paint
  • Birchwood Bark Sheets

Directions for Simple & Chic

1. Roll out air-dry clay
2. Separate into 3 equal parts and roll into long, skinny pieces. Braid clay
3. Wrap clay around ceramic pot
Tip: Get pot wet before wrapping with braided clay because it help adhere to pot better
4. Set it out to dry
5. Add super glue to secure

Directions for Pop of Color

1. Decide on the pattern you want to draw onto your pot
2. Paint entire pot the color you would like the base to be
3. Paint pattern onto pot using acrylic paint
4. If pot will be outdoors, use an outdoor paint or make sure to seal it

Directions for Rustic

1. Hot glue birchwood bark sheet onto pot until fully covered

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DIY Bicycle Chalkboard Calendar
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DIY Bicycle Chalkboard Calendar


  • Bicycle wheel without the tire (20” Diamater)
  • 8” Plywood
  • hot glue
  • chalkboard
  • sticker labels


1. Start with the wheel without the tire (buy one or use an old one)

2. Count the triangles on the wheel

3. Trace the area of one of the inverted triangles to form a pattern

4. Trace the area slightly larger so you have a little over-lap over the spokes

5. After you have your pattern cut from paper, trace onto plywood 9 times (or however many triangles your wheel has)

6. Saw the triangles and sand the rough edges

7. Spray paint with chalkboard paint and let dry

8. Add chalkboard labels to the top of each nine sections

9. Write the days of the week and have 2 additional triangles for special notes

10. Hot glue the chalkboard triangles over the spokes to hold them in place

11. Cover the bolt with metal sleeves (this makes the wheel spin)

12. Cut a piece of wood to use as the back of the calendar

13. Drill a hole large enough to screw the bolt into

14. Attach the wheel to the wood with a bolt and then attach the board directly to a stud in the wall

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DIY Pallet Summer Cabana
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DIY Pallet Summer Cabana


  • Pallet Wood
  • Power Drill
  • Wood Glue
  • ¼ posts
  • Fabric
  • ¼ boards (50” high)



  1. Measure the pallets to make sure they are the same size
  2. Make sure to sand down pallets, remove splinters and reinforce the nail. (Pallets are built for function and not form).
  3. Connect the two pallets together. If needed to reinforce the with 1x4 boards along the seam.
  4. Attach the wide portion together so you get maximum sitting space
  5. Take your 1x4 boards and attach with screws at ends, making sure the posts are 3” below the pallets (as they become the feet of the cabana).
  6. Repeat on other side.
  7. Attach 42” top of cabana. Attach back support 39 ½”
  8. Paint, dry and enjoy!


  1. Drape fabric over the center and down both sides of cabana until they reach the floor.
  2. Create a corner fold (like wrapping paper on a gift box ) on all 4 sides and pin the fold.
  3. Use Fabric glue or sew that fold.
  4. Add cushions and pillows and enjoy.
DIY Movie Night Chairs
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DIY Movie Night Chairs


  • ½ inch Wood Boards
  • Piano Hinges
  • Screws and Drill
  • Paint or Stain
  • Rubber Stoppers (Optional)
  • Lounge Chair Cushions


1. Start with two boards and paint or stain them to your desired color. We went with a cherry stain.

2. Attach the two top edges of the boards together using the piano hinges

3. Flip the boards over and bend them into a ‘A’ shape

4. Optional - Add rubber stoppers to the bottom of the boards. This won’t be needed if your movie night is taking place in the grass. (If you don’t want to buy rubber stoppers, you can also use hot glue across the bottom as a no-skid solution).

5. Grab your popcorn, sit back, and watch your movie!

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DIY Garden Chandelier
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DIY Garden Chandelier


  • Mason jars
  • Hanging chain
  • Carabineers or S-hooks (4 to hold 50 lbs, 1 to hold 100 lbs)
  • Floral moss
  • Flameless tea light candles
  • Metal framed tray or planter
  • Sunflower seeds, chia seeds and or colored quinoa
  • Vase, flowers and/or plant for centerpiece
  • Bolt cutter or pliers


1. Measure out the length of chain that you will want for your yard. You will need to find some place to hang this that works in your yard, so this part is up to you.

2. Cut your chain to length with a bolt cutter or spread a link apart using two pairs of pliers.
You will need four lengths of chain, all the same size.

3. Attach the carabineers or s-hooks to the bottom of each chain length. Attach the other side
of the hook to the wire planter or tray.

4. Take the moss sheets and add that to the top of the tray (this will be the bottom of the
mason jars).

5. Arrange mason jars all the way around the outside diameter of your tray. You will want to
do this before you hang up your chandelier.

6. Inside each mason jar, fill with seeds, rice or quinoa about 1/3 of the way up the mason jar.

7. Add a battery operated tea light to the top of the seeds.

8. In the middle of the tray, add a plant or flower arrangement.

9. Use extra moss to help fill in the gaps so that the entire structure looks lush and gorgeous.

10. Take the one carabineer that can hold 100lbs and attach the top link of all four chains.
This will serve as the top of the chandelier.

11. Attach this top to a secure area in your backyard.

12. Enjoy the summer nights with your friends and family accompanied by gorgeous garden

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DIY Natural Hair Masks
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DIY Natural Hair Masks

Ingredients for Hair Loss Mask

  • 2 tbsp jojoba oil
  • 25 drops peppermint essential oil

Dry and Damaged Hair Mask

  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tsp evening primrose oil
  • 5 drops carrot oil
  • 3 drops geranium or lavender essential oil

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DIY Brown Paper Basket
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DIY Brown Paper Basket


  • Paper bags
  • Hardboard
  • Wooden skewer
  • Double-sided tape
  • Glue
  • Belt
  • Washers
  • Screws


1. Cut butcher’s paper strips to be roughly 3x18.
2. Roll each strip on the diagonal around the wooden skewer. Secure the end with a glue stick.
3. These tubes will serve as the basket’s vertical supports.
4. Line the perimeter of one hardboard with double sided tape. Evenly space and attach the paper tubes to the tape with 1” of the tube on the board.
5. Apply E6000 to hardboard and paper tubes then top with second hardboard.
6. While the base dries create more paper strips to be roughly 3x36. Create the paper tubes with wooden skewer.
7. Once base is dry, begin weaving. The technique being used is over one, under one.
8. Anchor the first tube by folding about 5” then weaving that portion in the front on one of the vertical supports then behind the next. Then weave the longer end of the paper to the opposite direction. Continue weaving until your run out of horizontal weaving.
Tip: If you run out the horizontal tubing, adhere another paper tube to the existing tube with E6000.
9. To finish off the basket, bend the vertical support and weave into basket. Continue until all vertical supports have been weaved into basket. Secure with a dot of glue.
10. Coat basket with clear spray varnish.
11. Cut off all hardware on belt as well as side with holes. Cut what’s left of the middle portion of the belt in half.
12. On the underside of the belt, mark the location for the 2 screws on each end of the belt strips. Drill a ¼” hole at each mark.
13. Place a finishing washer and screw on the front side over the hole.
14. Attach handles to outside of basket by inserting the machine screws in between two layers of the woven basket. Screw and end cap onto each screw.
15. Display in your home!

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DIY Marshmallow Pillows
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DIY Marshmallow Pillows



    • white fabric
    • pillow stuffing
    • puffy paint
    • felt
    • scarf
    • hot glue


    For the pillow:
    1) Take a cylinder shaped object about 10 inches or so in diameter.
    2) Fold fabric in half & cut around the cylinder for the 2 bottoms of the pillow.
    3) Then take a measuring tape & measure the diameter of your circle pieces.
    4) Take care that measurement & add an inch.
    5) Once you get that measurement use it to create the center-side piece of the pillow by folding your white fabric in half & cutting it in a rectangular form.
    6) Cut slits along the width of your rectangular piece, this way when you glue the top & bottoms on you’ll have a little give when creating the curve for your pillow.
    7) Hot glue the slits to the inside of cylinder shape piece
    8) Stuff the pillow with pillow stuffing
    9) Glue the top cylinder to the top to finish off the pillow. You may also sew if you prefer!

    For the face:
    1) Take black felt & cut 2 little circles for the eyes plus 2 smaller circles to create dimension pieces for the eyes.
    2) Cut 2 more light pink or red circles for the cheeks
    3) Use Puffy paint for the nose. Just draw a small half circle.
    4) Tie a scarf
    5) All done!

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    Summer Snow Globes
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    Summer Snow Globes


    • Mason jars
    • Figurines
    • Glitter
    • Glycerin
    • Water
    • Hot glue gun


    1. Take the lid of your mason jar and this will be the bottom of your snow globe.

    2. Using your glue gun, glue the figurines down on the lid.

    3. Fill the jar with water almost to the top.

    4. Add a teaspoon of glycerin.

    5. Add any glitter or items that you would like loose in your snow globe.

    6. Screw the lid on and turn it over. You have your summer snow globe!

    TIP: If you have little ones around and you may be concerned if they’d try and open them, just
    seal the lid shut with a little hot glue.

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    DIY Summer Beauty Must-Haves
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    DIY Summer Beauty Must-Haves

    Materials for De-Frizz Spray

    • Aloe Vera
    • Warm Water
    • Empty Spray Bottle
    • (Optional) Essential Oil

    Materials for Powder Bronzer

    • 2 TSP Corn Starch
    • 1 TBS Cinnamon Powder
    • 1 TSP Cocoa Powder
    • 1 TSP Nutmeg
    • Empty Compact

    Directions for De-Frizz Spray

    1) Combine equal parts water & aloe vera gel

    2) (Optional) Add essential oil of choice

    3) Combine into bottle and spray

    Directions for Bronzer

    1) Combine all into bowl until desired color (Adjust cocoa & nutmeg for skin tones)

    2) Push into clean and empty compact and use as normal bronzer

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    DIY Fan Makover
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    DIY Fan Makover

    Materials for Desktop Fan

    • Fan
    • Spray paint
    • Duct tape
    • Scrapbook paper
    • Mod podge

    Materials for Retro Fan

    • Black fan
    • Teal spray paint
    • Silver spray paint

    Materials for Color Blocking Fan

    • Yellow spray paint
    • Duct tape in desired colors

    Materials for Vintage Fan

    • Rosegold spray paint
    • Scrapbook paper
    • Mod Podge

    Directions for Desk Fan

    1. Begin to disassemble the face of your fan.
    2. Once everything is disassembled, spray paint all of your pieces.

    Instructions fro Retro Fan

    1. Take apart; spray the blades add the cage silver, spray the rest of the face teal.

    Directions for Color Blocking Fan

    1. Spray paint everything yellow.
    2. Use duct tape to create lines on each blade so that each blade is the same; this will create a continuous line of color when the fan is on.

    Directions for Vintage Fan

    1. Take apart fan, spray paint, let dry. Take scrapbook paper and trace the blades of the fan and then cut to size. Add a layer of Mod Podge to fan blade, then place scrapbook paper on top. Cover with Mod Podge and let dry.

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    DIY Summer Drink Covers
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    DIY Summer Drink Covers


    • Perler bead kit
    • Parchment paper
    • Iron


    1. Take your Perler beads kit and using the base take beads and create your design, leaving a hole in the middle for your straw.

    2. Once you’ve established your design, cover with parchment paper and place iron on top, rotating in a circle for 15-20 seconds. Test to see if beads have melted together, if not, continue until holes are gone.

    3. Let cool slightly then flip over base and peel away the design.

    4. Then take parchment paper and iron on backside of project.

    5. To avoid it curling up, place books or heavy object to weigh it down.

    6. Let cool.

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    DIY Wheelbarrow Bench
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    DIY Wheelbarrow Bench


    • Bench (4 foot)
    • Wood (2x2, 8 feet long)
    • Wheelbarrow wheel
    • Carriage bolts & nuts
    • Drill
    • Carpenter’s bar clamps
    • Wrench
    • Painter’s tape
    • Paint


    1. Figure out how long the 2x2s would be. Make sure they extend passed the bench far enough to accommodate the wheel on one end, and comfortable enough to act as handles that do not stick too far out on the other.

    2. Mark holes for axle brackets 1 ½ inches from the end on one end of both 2x2s.

    3. Attach the axle brackets with short carriage bolts. Fit the wheel and axle into the

    4. Clamp the handle 2x2s to the inside of the legs just under the seat. The wheel should
    clear the bench and allow extra space for the 2x2 crosspiece that you will be adding.

    5. Mark where the top of the crosspiece crosses the legs of the bench and drill into place.

    6. Clamp handles at the wheel end with a bar clamp, mark the top of the crosspiece and
    drill and insert bolt through each hole.

    7. Drill and bolt the handle end of the 2x2s that are clamped right under the bench seat.

    Optional: Paint a colorful color for summer or leave natural!

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    DIY Nautical Porthole Mirror
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    DIY Nautical Porthole Mirror


    • Round plywood (15”)
    • Round mirror (12”)
    • Embroidery hoop (14”)
    • Wood plugs
    • Bolts
    • Faucet handle
    • Super glue
    • Wood glue
    • Flush wall hanger


    1. Pre-paint all of your materials. We chose to paint the plywood that is outside of the embroidery hoop copper, and everything else is painted bass.
    2. Place your 12” round mirror in the center of the plywood round. Use super glue to secure. 3. Place 14” embroidery hoop around the mirror. Use wood glue to secure.
    4. Use super glue to attach bolts to the wood chunk on the embroidery hoop. This will make it look like a hinge.
    5. Use wood glue to add wood plugs around the plywood.
    6. Stack a wood plug, bolt, and faucet handle to each other, with the faucet handle on top. Glue to plywood. This will make it look like the porthole can be opened.
    Optional: If you want to give your mirror a weathered look, go back in with chocolate brown paint and paint around the bolts and embroidery hopp. Use a rag or paper towel to pull of some of the paint.
    7. Allow everything glued to completely dry, then hang with a flush wall hanger.

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    DIY Floral Combs
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    DIY Floral Combs


    • Silk flowers
    • Hair comb
    • Scissors
    • Hot glue


    1. Pull stem off.

    2. Cut attachment off so the flower is flush.

    3. Start with greenery & hot glue that on.

    4. Build up with your flowers & hot glue those on.

    Note: Be sure to use a low temperature hot glue to avoid burning your fingers

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    DIY Alfresco Dining
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    DIY Alfresco Dining


    • Runner
    • Chargers
    • Mason jars
    • Battery operated lights
    • Glue dots
    • Risers
    • Jewelry Wire


    1. Cut one long piece of wire (must be long enough to create one dragonfly)

    2. Take jewelry wire and create two figure eights

    3. Once figure eight is created wrap wire around a few times to secure

    4. With excess create the ring (the opening for the napkins)

    5. Bring wire back around to create tail

    6. Stretch remaining wire out straight and bend at the center

    7. Twist wire together moving upward to create the tail until it meets the center of the wings

    8. Wrap excess wire around wings or cut excess

    Download the Firefly TemplateGet more information at this episode >>

    Bird Sanctuary
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    Bird Sanctuary


    • White wire trash can
    • Wire wreath form
    • 3 bags of moss
    • Wire plant hanger
    • Birds
    • Stones
    • Thistle bag
    • Plastic plate

    Free Materials

    • Twig
    • Succulent cuttings
    • Wire
    • Bird seed


    1. Fill the trash can with clippings and moss. Use materials that birds would use in nest building. We also fed a stick through the inside of the trash can as a bird perch!

    2. Attach the wire wreath frame to the trash can (our trash can lip wedged perfectly into the center hole of the wreath frame)

    3. Line the top of the wire frame with moss

    4. Place a plate or plastic lid on top of the trash can/wreath as a “lid”

    5. Fill with birdseed and watch how much your birds love it!

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    Dory Aquarium
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    Dory Aquarium


    • Art Frame 24”x36”
    • Plexiglass 24”x36”
    • Led lights
    • Blue paint
    • Foam bath toys
    • Glue
    • White construction paper
    • Paint pens


    1) Paint construction paper Cut to siz

    2) Glue foam toys on paper

    3) Add LED lights on

    4) Add rocks, plants to aquarium

    5) You can use any cartoon them

    6) Make sure to get a 1’ inch deep frame


    Make sure to hide the power pack

    1) Hold the picture up on the wall near eye level.

    2) Mark the wall at the center of the top of the frame with either a pencil or piece of painter's tape (easily removed). ...

    3) On the back of the picture, measure the distance from the top of the frame to the mounting hook or center of the stretched wire.

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    Ken's Umbrella Wreath
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    Ken's Umbrella Wreath


    • Pool noodle
    • Glue or tape
    • Drink umbrellas


    1. Wrap the pool noodle into a circle. Fasten the ends together with glue or tape.

    2. Open your drink umbrellas and stick them directly into the pool noodle. They should stick and stay in!

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    DIY Quilted Placemats
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    DIY Quilted Placemats


    • 1 quilt
    • sewing machine
    • fabric scissors
    • Fabric glue (Fabri-Tac works well) chalk or tape 
    • pom-pom trim


    1. Measure your quilt to decide which way you should cut the fabric. You want to get as many 12x18 pieces as possible.

    2. Draw lines on quilt with chalk or tape them off. Use a see-thru quilting ruler for accuracy.

    3. Cut fabric. With a sewing machine, close seams with a zigzag stitch, using the “zigzag” setting on your machine. Sew all edges.

    4. Take you pom-pom trim and glue strips around the placemat to make a border.

    5. Use extra fabric glue around any frayed edges to seal in the frays and to prevent future fraying.

    *Purchase plastic placemat sleeves to protect quilted placemats, if desired.

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    DIY Backyard Fun with Pool Noodles
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    DIY Backyard Fun with Pool Noodles


    • PVC Pipe
    • Pool Noodles
    • Duct Tape


    1) Form the noodle into a circle

    2) You can add PVC pipe to reinforce it

    3) Duct Tape the noodles ends together

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    DIY Kids Carport
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    DIY Kids Carport


    • ½ in. PVC Pipe (length varies, For our purposes we have: 12, 36in. pieces; 4, 24in. pieces)
    • 2, ½ in. PVC side outlet elbow connectors
    • 3 , ½ in. PVC tee pipe connectors
    • 6, ½ in. PVC 90 elbow connectors
    • Corrugated Roofing Panel (cut to a larger length and width than your rectangular carport)
    • 2 Cafe Curtains (fit to the length of the carport)
    • Screws and drill


    1. Measure the length, width, and height of the area you have.

    2. Assemble the pvc pipes and connectors together. (For the top rectangle, we used 4, 36 in. and 2, 24in.; Each side has has 2, 36 in. sides and 1, 24 in. bottom; The back has 3, 36in. For the bottom and sides; the front has 1, 36 in. for the middle “T” piece)

    3. Run the curtains through the front-top pvc pipes of the rectangle.

    4. Place the corrugated tin on top of the rectangle, as the roof. Screw it through the pvc pipe to hold it into place.

    5. Place your bikes, cars, and wheelie toys inside the carport!

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    DIY Sunglass Chain
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    DIY Sunglass Chain


    • Sunglasses
    • Delicate chain
    • Jump rings
    • Sunglass strap rubber fittings
    • Jewelry pliers


    1. Measure how long you want the chain to be around your neck.
    2. Place it around your neck and cut according to how long you will want it.
    3. Next, add a jump ring to the end of your chain and also add the rubber attachment to same end.
    4. Repeat on other side.
    5. Hook the rubber attachments to the handles of the glasses.

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    DIY Countertop Herb Garden
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    DIY Countertop Herb Garden


    • Twine
    • Mason jars
    • Potting soil for herbs and vegetables
    • Gardening shovel
    • Herbs in small containers
    • Chalkboard label sticks
    • Chalkboard markers
    • Wooden window pane (2)
    • Small decorative wood boxes
    • Stencils and white acrylic paint (optional)
    • Hot glue gun and glue sticks (optional)


    1. Pick out the herbs that you would like to use. Buy them as already planted herbs and not seeds, unless you have a green thumb and wish to wait until they grow.
    2. Make sure your mason jars are clean before you start. Using your shovel, put some potting soil in the bottom of your mason jar.
    3. Take the Herb out of its packaging and set it inside the mason jar on top of the potting soil.
    4. Fill the rest of the mason jar with soil.
    5. Moisten the soil with a little bit of water.
    6. Take your chalkboard labels sticks and chalkboard markers and label the Herb. Stick this in the side/top of your mason jar.
    7. Take a little bit of the twine and tie around the open mouth of the mason jar. You can tie this in a knot or in a box. This is simply decorative.
    8. Put your decorative boxes inside the window pane.
    9. Put a mason jar with an herb in the front and the back of the box with the window frame in the middle.
    10. If you would like to secure your boxes in place, use hot glue. (optional)
    11. Enjoy your indoor herb garden!

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    DIY Pool Noodle Hacks
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    DIY Pool Noodle Hacks

    Materials for DIY Laundry Basket Ball

    • 2 round plastic laundry baskets
    • 2 pool noodles
    • Soft water ball
    • Waterproof tape
    • X-acto knife

    Materials for DIY Pool Noodle Luminaries

    • Pool noodles
    • Plastic wrap
    • Rubber bands
    • Luminaries
    • X-acto knife

    Materials for DIY Noodle Paddles

    • Pool noodles
    • Waterproof tape
    • Soft water ball

    Directions for DIY Laundry Basket Ball

    1. Cut a slit down the side of the pool noodle with X-acto knife
    2. Slide the pool noodle around the rim of the laundry basket using the slit
    3. Cut off excess noodle
    4. Tape noodle in 3-4 spots for extra security
    5. Repeat steps for the second basket
    6. Put in pool and play ball.

    Directions for DIY Pool Noodle Luminaries

    1. Cut a piece of plastic wrap
    2. Wrap around bottom of luminary
    3. Use rubber band to secure the plastic wrap
    4. Cut slices from pool noodle, a little thicker than the luminary
    5. Widen the center of the noodle slices with a X-acto knife
    6. Place the luminary inside the center of the slice
    7. Repeat steps for all luminaries.

    DIrections for Pool Noodle Paddles

    1. Cut off small piece of pool noodle about 12 -14 inches long
    2. Cut one end at an angle
    3. Take the rest of the noodle and cut one end at an angle
    4. Bend the small piece and then wrap the large piece around the small piece.
    5. There should be excess noodle that will be the handle
    6. Tape the handle and the bottom portion of the paddle with tape.

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    DIY Palm Leaf Bag
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    DIY Palm Leaf Bag


    • Palm leaf print fabric
    • Handbag
    • Puff paint
    • Scissors
    • Glue


    1. Select large print palm leaf fabric.

    2. Cut out desired leaves.

    3. Glue leaves onto bag.

    4. Add puff paint as embellishment.

    5. Let dry and enjoy!

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    DIY Birdy Totes
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    DIY Birdy Totes


    • Fabric Glue
    • Fabric Scissors
    • Felt
    • Canvas Bag
    • Paint & Paint Brush
    • Printer (for Pattern)

    Basic Instructions (vary based on design):

    · Print out your pattern

    · Trace your pattern with pencil

    · Cut out your felt

    · Create your long shape for the neck with wrap around adjustments (remove any excess felt with scissors)

    · Draw the legs of your flamingo with pencil

    · Using black paint and long, thin paint brush to paint the legs

    Download Flamingo DesignGet more information about this episode >>

    DIY Life-Sized Peg Game Outdoor Table
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    DIY Life-Sized Peg Game Outdoor Table


    • Plywood
    • Table Legs (3)
    • 6” Table Legs (15)
    • Round Table Top Buns (15)
    • Ruler
    • Marker
    • Jig Saw
    • Drill
    • Wood Glue
    • Wine Opener


    1. Cut out a 4 foot triangle with 60 degree angles
    2. Mark the center of each side of the triangle
    3. Draw a line from the center of one side to the corner of the opposite side
    4. Draw a triangle 5 ½ inches inside your triangle
    5. The points where the lines meet is where your pegs will go
    6. Draw two more lines from the two circles closest to the top (not the one on top) to the circles closest to the bottom corners (not the bottom corners)
    7. There should be 15 points where you will drill the holes
    8. Attach table leg hardware to the bottom of wood 9 inches away from the corners
    9. Finish by using 1x3 wood to create a one inch lip on all sides
    10. Paint or stain as desired
    11. For pegs, your will need a 6 inch table leg and 2 ½ inch round table top buns. You will need 15 of each.
    12. Remove hardware from bot
    13. Attach leg to top bun using wood glue then screw a nail in to secure
    14. Paint pegs desired color
    15. Remove swivel from table leg using bottle opener.
    16. Remove hardware from table leg using a wrench.
    17. Attach table leg to top bun using wood glue to secure.
    18. Paint pegs desired color.
    19. Place outdoors or indoors and have fun!

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    DIY Garden Loofah Soap
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    DIY Garden Loofah Soap


    • 12 Bar Round Silicone Mold
    • Loofah Sponge
    • 32 oz. Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base
    • 16 oz. White Melt & Pour Soap Base
    • Spinach Powder
    • Tomato Powder
    • 0.9 oz. Avocado Fragrance Oil
    • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol in a Spray Bottle


    1. Prepare the loofah sponge. Bramble Berry’s loofah is flat until it’s dunked in water, then it softens and expands. We find that the sponges are easier to cut once they have expanded, as they are softer and it’s easier to see their shape.

    Dunk the loofah sponges in water until they expand. Because they are a natural product, some loofah sponges are larger than others.

    2. Squeeze out any excess water. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut the loofah into round shapes. It helps to tightly squeeze the sponge to make it more compact while cutting. Try your best to cut the loofah so it’s slightly taller than the depth of the silicone mold cavities.

    *TIP: If you cut it a little too thin, place a small piece of loofah into the mold cavity and set the thin loofah piece on top. This will help lift the loofah up so the soap doesn’t completely cover it.

    3. Place each round into a mold cavity. If the loofah sponge is large, you may want to cut it in half. Place the mold on a cutting board and set aside.

    4. Chop 32 ounces of Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base and 16 ounces of White Melt and Pour Soap Base into small uniform pieces. Place all of the white soap into a heat-safe container. Split the Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base into two heat-safe containers – each should contain 16 ounces.

    5. In separate containers, disperse 1 teaspoon of spinach powder into 1 tablespoon of 99% isopropyl alcohol and 2 teaspoons of tomato powder into 2 tablespoons of 99% isopropyl alcohol. Mix together. Dispersing the colorants helps prevent clumps.

    6. Melt each container of melt and pour soap using 30 second bursts, stirring in between each one. Once they are all completely melted, add 0.3 ounces of Avocado Fragrance Oil to each container and mix in thoroughly.

    7. To the melted white soap, add 1.5 teaspoons of dispersed spinach powder. Then, add 1.5 teaspoons of dispersed spinach powder to one of the containers of melted clear soap. Finally, add all of the dispersed tomato powder to the last container of melted clear soap. Thoroughly mix in all of the additives.

    8. our each color of soap into 4 cavities of the mold. Each cavity will be filled to the very top. After each pour, spritz the soap with 99% isopropyl alcohol to help get rid of bubbles. TIP: The tomato powder tends to fall to the bottom if the soap is too hot and thin. To prevent this, pour the soap once it has cooled to about 120-125° F.

    9. Allow the soap to cool and harden for several hours, up to overnight. Once they have cooled and hardened, remove them from the mold and enjoy. To help prevent glycerin dew, wrap the soap in plastic wrap.

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    DIY Patriotic Beach Chair
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    DIY Patriotic Beach Chair


    • Sling Lounge Chair
    • 2 Yards of outdoor fabric
    • Needle and thread
    • Sewing machine


    1. Remove the old sling chair fabric by cutting it loose.

    2. Use that piece as a pattern for your new fabric.

    3. Cut two identical pieces, adding in seam allowance.

    4. Sew them face to face, ensuring that it is clean finished on all sides and the right side of the fabric shows from the front and the back.

    5. Slide your sewn panel in through the chair and create a casing around the bar on the top and bottom of the chair.

    6. Depending on the way the chair is constructed, the casing will either be hand sewn ON the chair, or sewn with the machine BEFORE it goes on.

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    The Perfect Floral Bow
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    The Perfect Floral Bow


    • Wood box
    • Mache to line the wood box (waterproof holder that fits inside the wood box)
    • Oasis (soaked)
    • Sunflowers, Lemon Leaf & Solidago
    • Ribbon
    • Chenilles or pipe cleaner to tie off your bow
    • Glue gun


    1. Pull out the ribbon and create a loop, pinch together and twist.

    2. Create another loop and tuck it under the first loop you created. It should be an inch longer than the first one you made, pinch again and twist under the first loop.

    3. Make another loop, it should match the loop you just made. Pinch and twist. Have your forefinger and thumb in the center of your bow to hold on to all your loops.

    4. Repeat this process and make sure to make each loop longer than the previous loop.

    5. We are looping seven times. Always use an odd number of loops on each side.

    6. Unravel 12 inches off your ribbon spool, cut and now you have both your tails.

    7. Use a pipe cleaner, wrap it around all your pinches and twist tight. This will hold bow securely, but it also allows you to move the loops around to spread out the bow when you’re ready to spruce it out.

    8. Fluff out loops, create a well-rounded bow.

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    DIY Seashell Chandelier
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    DIY Seashell Chandelier


    • Chandelier
    • Seashells (various sizes)
    • Floral wire
    • Drill
    • Hot Glue Gun


    1. Remove light bulbs from the chandeliers

    2. Drill two small holes on each drip pan

    3. Begin hot gluing shells to light fixture

    4. Using floral wire to attach seashell garland as draping

    5. Add light bulbs

    6. Hang and enjoy!

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    DIY Bug Spray and Bite Relief
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    DIY Bug Spray and Bite Relief

    Materials and Ingredients for DIY Bug Spray

    • 1/2 tsp Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil
    • 1/4 tsp Rosemary essential oil
    • 1/4 tsp Lavender essential oil
    • Witch hazel
    • Apple cider vinegar
    • 1 tsp glycerine
    • Glass spray bottle

    Materials and Ingredients for DIY Citronella Luminary

    • Citrus fruits
    • Rosemary sprigs
    • Lavender sprigs
    • Thyme sprigs
    • Flowers
    • 1/2 tsp Citronella essential oil
    • 1/2 tsp rosemary essential oil
    • Water
    • Floating candle
    • Mason jar

    Ingredients and Materials for Itchy Bite Relief

    • Basil
    • Blender (optional)

    Materials and Ingredients for Soothing Chamomile Bite Relief

    • Chamomile tea
    • Ice cube trays

    Directions for DIY Bug Spray

    1. Add Essential Oils to bottle.
    2. Fill a little under half the bottle with Witch Hazel/Apple Cider Vinegar Mix.
    3. Put cap on and shake the bottle.
    4. Take off cap and fill up with water, leaving small space for glycerin.
    5. Add glycerin.
    6. Shake and use.

    *NOTE: Keep in fridge or cooler if outdoors and shake before using. Replace after 3-4 months

    Directions for Luminary

    1. Add two/three citrus slices to bottom of mason jar.
    2. Add lavender, thyme, rosemary and flowers.
    3. Pour in the Essential Oils.
    4. Fill up with water.
    5. Add citrus slice to top.
    6. Add floating candle.

    *NOTE: Make sure all plants and fruit are submerged under the water.

    Directions for Bug Bite Relief

    1. Tear or blend basil to release juices and place on bites.

    Directions for Chamomile Bite Relief

    1. Brew chamomile tea.
    2. Add to ice cube tray and freeze.
    3. Rub on bites to soothe.

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    DIY Sports Award Display
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    DIY Sports Award Display

    Materials for Snowboard Shelf

    • Snowboard w/ boot braces
    • Metal Wall Anchors & Dry Wall Screws
    • Drill

    Materials for Baseball Shelf

    • Homeplate (or your favorite base)
    • Baseball Bat
    • Plywood
    • 1x2 inch wood
    • Dry wall screws
    • Drill
    • Metal Wall Anchors
    • Paint or Wood Stain

    Materials for Basketball Shelf

    • Basketball hoop
    • Drywall Screws & Washers
    • Metal Wall Anchors
    • Drill
    • ½ inch Plywood board

    Materials for Figure Skating Shelf

    • Figure Skating Blade
    • Drywall Screws
    • Drill

    Directions for Snowboard Shelf

    -Keep your snowboard boot braces attached to the snowboard. Use these as your wall mounts.
    -Find a stud to anchor at least one of the boots into, using screws and metal wall anchors. (If you have a large or heavy trophy collection, buy your screws and wall anchors according to the weight you need).

    Directions for Baseball Shelf

    -Measure and cut a plywood piece to match the size of home plate.
    -Cut a 1x2 inch strip of wood the width of the base (the side against the wall). This strip will act as the support for the shelf.
    -Paint the plywood to the color of your choosing, but the real base will be covering most of the plywood (We went with black.)
    -Measure the height of your bat, angling it to meet the center of the “shelf.” (The bat will help support the shelf).
    -Screw your mounting strip (1x2 wood strip) at the bat height.
    -Screw the back end of your home plate shaped plywood onto the mounting strip, wedging the bat into place between the floor and the “shelf.”
    -Use one screw to hold the bat into place underneath the plywood base.
    -Place home plate on top of the shelf, covering the plywood and the screw going into the bat.

    Directions for Basketball Shelf

    -Using your basketball hoop, trace the circle inside the rim onto the plywood (sand the edges if needed to make a perfect fit.) The net hooks should be able to support the plywood.
    -Stain the board to your choosing (we went with the color that emulates the traditional basketball floor.)
    -Attach the basketball hoop to the wall as you would normally attach it to the backboard. (we chose to put a piece of plywood behind it to add a bit of strength. Buy screws and wall anchors according to your needed weight for trophies.)

    Directions for Figure Skating Shelf

    -Mount your figure skate blades to the wall using screws. The blades already have holes in them from where they are already attached to the skate boot. We mounted ours horizontally, but you can also mount them vertically!

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    DIY Water Blobs
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    DIY Water Blobs


    • plastic sheeting
    • flat iron
    • parchment paper
    • hose
    • food coloring

    1. Start with a large piece of parchment paper
    2. Fold it in half (length wise)
    3. Draw a line about 2-inches from the fold (this is your guide for how far to iron)
    4. Begin with the edge of plastic opposite of its fold, starting at the corner
    5. Open up your parchment and place your plastic inside, aligning it to the fold of the parchment
    6. Fold the parchment back over
    7. Use the hot iron to slowly melt the plastic together by running it across the line of your parchment
    8. Let it cool for a few seconds before removing the parchment, then continue to seal all of the edges
    9. Leave a small slit for you to fill it with water
    10. Place the hose in a few feet and prop the corner up so that water does not spill out while you fill
    11. Seal off the hole with a piece of duct tape

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    DIY Outdoor Storage Planter
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    DIY Outdoor Storage Planter


    • Wine barrel
    • 24” Plywood round
    • Staple gun
    • Wood blocks
    • Screws
    • Silk flowers
    • Handle


    1. Take your wood round & screw your handle to the middle of the wood round

    2. Take the silk flowers of your choice, trim the stems down a little bit, then proceed to staple the flowers down to the wood round. Then keep some with stems on to get some height

    3. Put as many as you’d like, the more the better though, this way it will really look like a flower planter

    4. To keep the lid level, you’ll need to put support blocks on the top inside of the barrel

    5. Use about 3-4 wood blocks & screw them in along the inside of the barrel

    6. Store all of your garden supplies inside the barrel & you’re good to go!

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    DIY Outdoor Fruit Glasses
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    DIY Outdoor Fruit Glasses

    Materials for Watermelon Wine Glasses

    • Stemless wine glasses
    • Light green acrylic paint
    • Dark green acrylic paint
    • Painters tape
    • Paint brush
    • Black paint pen

    Materials for Lemon Champagne Glasses

    • Champagne glass
    • Yellow yarn
    • Super glue or E6000 glue
    • White paint pen

    Directions for Watermelon Wine Glasses

    1) Apply the painters tape around the center of the glass, making sure it is on tightly to achieve clean lines

    2) Apply the dark green paint with a paint brush, allow to dry

    3) Apply another layer of the dark green paint and then immediately, using the same paint brush, apply some of the lighter paint making sure not to blend too much. This will create the look like lines like a real watermelon

    4) Allow to dry, then remove the painter's tape

    5) Use the black paint pen to draw "seeds" onto the glass as desired

    6) Tip: don't draw the seeds too close to the top of the glass where you would drink to avoid any paint chipping or wearing away

    Directions for Lemon Champagne Glasses

    1) Apply a small amount of glue onto the bottom of the glass and attach the yarn, holding it until it dries and stays on its own

    2) Apply more glue and wrap the yarn tightly around the glass about half way up

    3) Cut the end of the yarn and secure with more glue and

    4) Tip: make sure to only apply glue where the yarn will be since the super glue could leave marks on the glass

    5) Use the white paint pen to draw "seeds" on the glass as desired

    6) Tip: don't draw the seeds too close to the top of the glass where you would drink to avoid any paint chipping or wearing away

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    How to Water Plants While on Vacation
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    How to Water Plants While on Vacation


    • Battery Operated Timer

    Watering Kit

    • Backflow preventer and Pressure regulator fitting
    • Adapter with 1/4 inch water tubing
    • 1/4 inch Barbed "T" and 1/4 inch barbed coupling to extend the tubing to potted plants
    • Drippers - (1 or 2 gallon per hour depending on size of plants)
    • Stakes with bug caps to hold up Drippers above soil


    1. Attach the battery-operated TIMER to the fake hose bib.

    2. Connect the Backflow Preventer and Pressure Regulator fittings to the bottom of the timer.

    3. Connect adapter and start measuring out where you will need to cut your tubing to water each container.

    4. After cutting, use a "T" to rejoin the tubing so you can water another container.

    5. Attach the DRIP EMITTER AND STAKE, using the bug cap at the end of line.

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    DIY Picnic Backpack
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    DIY Picnic Backpack


    • Backpack (preferably one that zips to the base)
    • Foam core
    • Batting
    • Tacky glue
    • Canvas fabric
    • Chalk
    • Elastic
    • Dinnerware (plastic recommended)


    1. Take your backpack and cut out a piece of foam core that will fit inside.

    2. Use the foam core to trace an identical piece on the fold of the batting.

    3. Use the base shape as your pattern and trace out two pieces on fabric.

    4. Allow an inch or so for seam allowance, and for wrapping around foam core base.

    5. On one side, figure out the placing of the elastic and how much give you need depending on the size of your dinnerware (Recommended to place the silverware at the bottom)

    6. Pin them down and sew into place.

    7. Sew the two front and back pieces of fabric together inside out, leaving space to insert the base shape, and then turn right side out.

    8. Use tacky glue to wrap and adhere the batting to the foam core.

    8. Insert the base into the cover.

    9. Finish sewing.

    10. Add to backpack

    Optional: Add two elastic straps to the side of the backpack for your picnic blanket.

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    DIY Vineyard Inspired Tablescape
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    DIY Vineyard Inspired Tablescape
    DIY Vineyard Inspired Table
    Table Decor
    Seasonal Event:

    Vineyard Inspired Tablescape Tips:

    1. Take a wine bottle and add sand to it. Add the cork back to the bottle and stick a wire/place card holder through the cork. Use this to hold up your table numbers!
    2. Cut a cork width-wise into sections. Burn or paint the initials of the couple into the pieces. Glue these pieces to a grape vine and wrap it around the napkins.
    3. Leave corks and vases at each table with markers and pens. Have the guests add a small note and their name on the cork and leave in the vases. This can be saved for years in your own home!
    4. Tie a candle with beautiful ribbon/flowers around the bowl for a great effect at gift table or dessert table
    5. “The Chirpy” - When used on a water bottle, the ‘chirping’ sound could signify that the toasts, or announcements are going to begin; also a good souvenir that comes in a variety of colors!
    6. Add sunglasses for fun! Maybe the couples’ future is so bright, they need shades! Especially great for outdoor events.
    DIY Garden Tool Storage Board
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    DIY Garden Tool Storage Board


    • Shutters
    • 1x3 wood
    • Plywood
    • Cork
    • Fabric
    • Cup hooks
    • Piano hinges
    • Magnetic Clasp


    1. Cut plywood to the same size as shutters
    2. Cut and attach 1x3 to edge of plywood to create a shallow box
    3. Attach shutters to sides of box using piano hinges
    4. Paint
    5. Attach cup hooks to half of shutter
    6. Measure cork to fit inside of box (set aside)
    7. Spray cork with adhesive and cover with fabric
    8. Fit cork board inside box and add additional cup hooks
    9. Hang

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    How to Regrow Vegetables
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    How to Regrow Vegetables

    Some vegetables you can regrow include, onions, carrots, potatoes, celery, mint, basil, cilantro, pineapple and celery.

    1. Take scraps and place in a cup with a few inches of water.
    2. Allow a few weeks, until you see root and top growth.
    3. Plant in pot (size depends on vegetable) using well-draining soil.
    4. Place in full sunlight to continue growing (Check online if you do not know the vegetables growing season to keep them in those seasonal temperature ranges).

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    Watermelon Mint Basil Foot Scrub
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    Watermelon Mint Basil Foot Scrub


    • ¼ cup watermelon (take out large seeds)
    • 1 tsp. fresh basil, finely chopped
    • 1 tsp. fresh mint, finely chopped
    • 1 tbsp. fresh lemon juice
    • 1 ½ cup granulated white sugar


    1. Use a food processor or blender to blend together watermelon, basil, mint, and lemon juice until smooth.

    2. Mix into white sugar with a spoon.

    3. Store in a jar with lid.

    4. Use as a foot scrub in the shower, paying attention to the rough, dry areas.

    5. Wash thoroughly with warm water.

    6. Store in refrigerator and use within 2 weeks.

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    DIY Patriotic Floral Pallet
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    DIY Patriotic Floral Pallet


    • Wood Board (1x4) 6 - 42”, 2 - 26”
    • Wood Glue
    • Measuring Tape
    • Wrench
    • Nails
    • Hammer
    • Paint (Red, Blue, White)
    • Star Stencil
    • Sponge
    • White, Faux Hydrangeas
    • Super Glue
    • Rope/Twine


    1. Place your 42” wood boards down on the table horizontally.. Make sure they are all even and touching on all sides.

    2. Take your 26” wood board and lay on top of of the 42” boards vertically. Place it evenly on the left side of board. Mark the width of wood board with pencil. Repeat on the other side.

    3. Glue two 26” wood boards on the opposite side of the pencil mark with wood glue. Nail to secure. The frame of the pallet is now built.

    4. Measure one inch between first horizontal board between the next one. Use wood glue and nail to attach. Repeat for remaining boards.

    5. Begin to paint your flag’s pattern. Paint the top corner blue and the rest of the wood red. Allow paint to dry.

    6. Use a star stencil and paint on your stars with white paint and a sponge.

    7. Fill open space with white, faux hydrangeas. Secure with hot glue.

    8. To hang, screw in two eye hooks on the top of your pallet. Install your chain wherever you want pallet to hang from. Cut your two hanging chains to equal lengths. Loop eye hooks through chain to hang.

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