By Debbie Macomber

Of all the characters I've written over the years, Judge Olivia Lockhart remains constant in my mind. When I first learned Andie MacDowell had agreed to play the part I was ecstatic. I knew she was the perfect choice and I was right. She's wise, beautiful and extremely talented.

Shortly after the filming for season two started I answered the front door to discover a delivery man with a huge floral bouquet. Wayne isn't a big flower guy so if I get flowers they're generally from my publisher. I was off base--the beautiful arrangement was from Andie. She wanted to thank me and tell me how much she enjoyed playing the role of Olivia. Her note touched me to the point tears came to my eyes. I should have been the one sending her flowers for bringing Olivia to life in such a beautiful way. Speaking of Olivia, you're going to come to admire her even more in season two. She's wise and caring and… in love. Falling in love came as a real surprise to Olivia. After the death of her son and her divorce from Stan, she forged a new life for herself. She wasn't looking to fall in love, especially with a man like Jack, a former alcoholic with a complicated past. And the best is yet to come... stay tuned! For more from Debbie, visit her website!