By Debbie Macomber

The title of the episode resonated with me. As a traveler, I’m always eager to experience new places and meet new people. It’s exciting to travel. This year alone I’ve been to New York, Santa Clara, Victoria BC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Nashville, Minneapolis, Winston-Salem, Walla Walla (yes, it’s a real place and they produce fabulous wines there, not to mention sweet onions!), London, Scotland and Iceland!

Because I travel so much, you can imagine the homecoming is special to me. Over the years I’ve developed a ritual, one that I go through so that I know I’m really home. After the exuberant greeting I receive from Bogie and a hug and kiss from Wayne, I go room to room to let myself know I’m home again. I touch those certain objects that have special meaning for me, like my parents’ picture, a knick knack I purchased on a former trip, and just feel the house around me. Naturally, I also stop in my yarn room and familiarize myself with the knitting projects waiting for me there. A unique shawl I’m hoping to make soon is calling to me! The next place I visit is the flower garden outside to see what’s blooming or if anything is ready to pick in the vegetable garden. Coming home can take on other meanings, too, as Jack and Olivia discover when they are reunited, and as Seth and Justine are enfolded by friends and family who rally to help them clean up their charred restaurant. Perhaps the healing power of community will extend to Shelly and Eric and Maryellen and John in the future. As Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home!” Whether it be a physical place, a place in your heart, or within a community. Thanks for reading Debbie's blog this season. For more from Debbie, visit her website!