By Debbie Macomber

Anyone who knows me will testify how much I love the holiday season. The Thanksgiving turkey is still in the oven when I start the decorating process. While my family is setting the dining room table for Thanksgiving dinner, I'm clearing off the top of the piano and fireplace mantle to make room for the Nativity sets, of which I have dozens. Yup, I'm a Christmas kind of gal.

And it doesn't stop with the decorating. (Who else do you know who set up five--yes, count them, five--Christmas trees. There's one for every family--all the grandkids know which tree belongs to their family--plus an extra big one for Wayne and me.) Over the years we've developed a number of family traditions as well. What makes the holidays special to me is the opportunity to spend extra time with family, especially our grandchildren. I don't mean to brag--well actually, I do. Wayne and I are gifted with the most incredibly talented grandchildren in the universe. I admit other grandparents probably feel the same way about their grandchildren too. This episode is especially poignant because it appears that Jack and Olivia are about to spend the holidays apart, lonely and sad. A new life might have sounded like a good idea when Jack decided to take that position back in Philly, but at what cost? Sometimes it takes being away to really appreciate what we have right at home. Check back next week for more from Debbie, and be sure to visit her website!