Nathan Witte in Sealed With a Kiss: Wedding March 6

Nathan Witte


Nathan Witte is a seasoned professional in the film industry, with a career spanning from his early years. Originally hailing from Calgary, Witte recognized the need to broaden his horizons and elevate his professional trajectory. At the age of 20, he made the strategic move to Vancouver, BC, positioning himself to flourish in the dynamic landscape of the film and tv industry.

Since relocating, Witte has demonstrated remarkable resilience and achieved notable success. This early triumph served as a source of inspiration during challenging times. Now with over 70 film and TV credits to his name, Witte has established himself as a versatile performer.

Witte’s diverse talent is showcased in his recent appearances on popular TV shows such as “Superman & Lois” (2022) as well as the upcoming pilot “Murder by the Book” (2023). In the realm of film, Witte has strategically pursued and landed lead roles, including his comedic feature film, The Perfect Pickup (2020), as well as Hallmark Channel’s My “Best Friend's Bouquet” (2020), Lifetime's gripping series “Greed: The Seven Deadly Sins” (2022), and recently on “Must Love Christmas” (2022).

Fully immersed in the Vancouver film scene, Witte continues to push his creative boundaries, engaging in various projects such as theatre, scriptwriting, and the completion of his highly anticipated pilot, “Cognizant.” Witte’s unwavering drive, ambitious spirit, and deep passion for his craft are propelling him to new heights.

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