Nathan Witte in Sealed With a Kiss: Wedding March 6

Nathan Witte


Nathan Witte is no stranger to the world of acting or business of filmmaking. Since the age of seven, he’s acted in and produced short films which soon led Witte to his first on-set experience as an extra in the series “Caitlin’s Way.” He had the acting bug but didn’t really know it until he was 18 years old and decided to become a working professional by moving to Vancouver to achieve his greater aspirations.

After 14 years, Witte has amassed a large body of work from his appearances on hit television series including “Supernatural,” “Arrow,” “Rogue,” “Arctic Air,” “Motive,” “Continuum,” “Wayward Pines,” “Van Helsing,” “Travelers,” “Riverdale” and “A Million Little Things,” among others. Most recently he was seen playing a demon named Godric in season two of the reboot of “Charmed,” as Crow Agent Miguel Robles in “Batwoman” and as Corey in his first produce “bro-mantic” comedy feature film, The Perfect Pickup, now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Fans can follow Witte on social media to get up-to-date information about his upcoming live performance as M in the acclaimed stage play, Cock, by Mike Bartlett and directed by Carmel Amit and Caitlin Stryker. The production will be live streamed online in HD in September 2020.

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