Santa Always…
Santa always gets his suit dry cleaned every Thursday.
Santa always kisses Mrs. Claus on the left cheek when he leaves the house. Santa always feels a little bad eating gingerbread people, but he gets over it. Santa Never…
Santa never has had a bad dream. Never.
Santa never looks down the chimney before he jumps in. Santa never opens his presents until everyone else is finished. Santa can never remember what happened on the 8th day of Christmas MRS. CLAUS

Mrs. Claus keeps her secret figgy pudding recipe in a locked safe. Mrs. Claus hosts a book club in every month except December. Mrs. Claus knows 357 ways to tie a scarf. REINDEER

The reindeer get their hooves polished on the 23rd of each month. And it tickles. The reindeer’s favorite treat is eggnog and a hug. Santa named all the reindeer except for Blitzen. Nobody knows who named him. ELVES

Elves add sprinkles to their pancakes. And everything else. When an elf laughs, it makes the icicles glimmer. Elves never gossip but they do tell stories.