Poor me!

Right, elf-pity is not very attractive, especially when we’re supposed to be cheerful all the time.

Oh, I am cheerful 98 percent of the time, but sometimes you just have one of those days that fall into the crummy 2 percent. It’s crummy enough that I just needed to sit down and write to you.

Believe me, if you had the sort of day I did, you would feel sorry for yourself, too.

Long before I was ready to leave my dreams of a cookie so tall it seemed to touch the Northern Lights, my Mom started ringing those jingle bells.

Early risers typically run in my family. My brothers and sisters all got up with big smiles – smiles that made me wish I could sneak bright green sprinkles into their toothpaste.

Mom always gets up first and fixes the Sno*Coa and then gets us off to school before she goes off to the Guild of Brain Stretch.

Silly me! I forgot it was bring your daughter to work day.

Most days I would welcome a break from school. I love seeing my friends, of course, and I do so love hanging out with my Mom, but right now I am not sure if I want to be at her specific guild. Luckily, Santa is not strict about only visiting the guilds where your parents work.

And so I decided to visit The Guild of Colorful. My family has long worked in The Guild of Brain Stretch, which I love, but lately I have been very interested in art. I have been looking a lot at artists who specialize in Christmas paintings.

Kinkade, naturally, is my favorite right now because of his Christmas scenes and I was wondering if I used the paints and markers and all the wonderful supplies made in The Guild of Colorful if I could ever create something as wonderful.

I can’t be sure. Artist is only the latest career that looks pretty interesting. All I know for sure is that I want to do something huger than huge and have a lot of fun and be famous.

No way could anyone have predicted that explosion, or that I would cause it.

Go figure! If you mix paints, paint thinners and some other chemicals – I was only trying to get the perfect shade of blue – kablooey!

The good news is that no elves were hurt.

Of course the guild did lose part of its roof, but Santa said he could, at least until Christmas, have The Guild of Bounce and Spring switch places with The Guild of Colorful. The hole in the roof would allow the elves to test those spaceship toys. Santa explained that my free time, immediately after Christmas, would be spent helping with repairs. I know that’s fair.

Yikes! I all but lost my twinkle during all of this. The sound was terrible. But thankfully, Santa was so wonderful that he stopped my tears, calmed down the elves and promised everyone would be back at work tomorrow. My mom just hugged me, tight.

Should your parents try to take you to work, my main advice is do not mix any chemicals, no matter how dazzy a shade of blue you think you may invent.

Big hugs with sprinkles,