Hi Friends,

Once I thought that only elves went to school and had to do homework. Then I learned that kids down South have the same issues. It’s enough to make any candy cane lose it’s stripes.

Maybe, though, you don’t have quite the same classes, so I thought I’d share with you what our schools are like.

Elf Elementary is where we start our lessons before you can get to the big kids school, Elf Academy, where I am now. I get to my school by slide, which is so ice!

We learn the three Rs: reindeers, reading and rithmatic. At least that’s how it all starts. Not to be rude or anything, but I am a very good speller and arithmetic does not belong as an R. Anyway, we start with the basics.

Of all the basics, I especially love math. It used to be that girls were thought to be rotten in math, but I just love thinking about numbers and word problems. Here’s my word problem from tonight’s homework: If Weatherby, Whirly, Winky, Wintergreen and Wrappy each have five bells full of sprinkles, how many sprinkles do they have?

Right! They have 25 bells full of sprinkles. Mmmmm. You do know that you can’t possibly have too many sprinkles.

Knitting is one of the many skills all elves master. I’ll admit it – my first few sweaters were so holey you could put your head through any part of them!

The additional skills we need are pretty dazzy. We must learn how to bake.

How could anyone dislike homework that includes lots of sprinkles, sugar and butter? Just imagine if instead of conjugating verbs your homework was to decorate cookies.

Elves definitely have it easier as far as homework goes. I’m guessing some kids down South like their homework, but I know very little beats baking cookies.

Except of course eating them. Mom and Dad love helping with that homework. Apparently it’s lots more fun than trying to figure out the latest way of doing math.

Life isn’t all sprinkles, though don’t you wish it could be? We do need to master a couple of very important survival skills.

For instance, before the littlest elves can graduate from Elf Elementary to Elf Academy, they must be able to snowshoe and carve a turkey.

Well, not at the same time! In fact, my ice would be cracked if my mom thought I were telling you to wield a knife while snowshoeing.

At the Academy, elves begin their formal career training. We’ll talk about Guilds another time. I have no idea which Guild is really the right match for me. Not yet anyway. I can see myself in so many of them, doing so many different things.

You probably know this by now, but I hope you looked for the hidden message. Just jot down the first letter of each paragraph to spell out today’s message. And as I think about it, homework that includes baking and eating cookies isn’t so bad.

Big hugs with sprinkles!