Hi Friends,

All aboard for the most magical ride of all!

Perhaps you’ve ridden a horse or a donkey.

Ponies may trot on your ranch.

I, however, ride a creature only found in Northpole.

Elves, like Santa, get to ride reindeer.

Sure, I’ve heard tell of other magical rides.

There’s an umbrella that ferries about a nanny.

Who hasn’t heard of flying brooms? Witches have been using them forever, but lately some young wizards have taken to them.

And let’s not forget pumpkins that turn into coaches with the mere waving of a fairy godmother’s wand.

Yet even beautiful unicorns and their winged cousin, Pegasus, cannot compare.

The other mighty creatures that seem to be all over the skies lately are dragons. Yeah, they look pretty cool with those gigantic wingspans as they sail about. But any animal – magical or not – that can melt ice just by breathing makes me shiver in my cues.

OK, I admit it. I am Camp Reindeer all the way.

For me, your loyal pal Clementine, there’s only one way to zip about.

Look up! See that blue flash?

Yep, that’s me on Randy, the dazziest of all the reindeer.

I can see you, even though I am whooshing past.

Speeding through the cold air is about the best feeling you can have and it is all because of these magnificent creatures.

Believe me this is something to try.

You just need to come north, way north.

Reindeer are born adorable. They just get better and faster and smarter. They need what all noble steeds require to work. Can you guess?

Exactly! Training, and they receive that at Reindeer Training Stadium. Zooming around the world in one night requires an awful lot of strength, speed and grace. They train until Big Red feels they are ready for the big night.

If you see a sign that says “low flying reindeer” – mind it!

No one has ever been seriously hurt by a stray hoof.

Duck, though, just to be sure, and you’ll be fine. Reindeer don’t want to hurt anyone and never have.

Except for that time Rumble, a rather rambunctious elf, grabbed onto Donner’s hoof to hitch a joy ride. Now Rumble had the misfortune of trying this on July 23. You might not think of reindeer in July, but we sure do.

Every month on the 23rd, no matter what month, the reindeer have their hooves polished. And that mischievous elf made his mistake on the 23rd. Rumble jumped up, and tried to hold on, but the hoof was too smooth and he tumbled back to Northpole.

Rumble was embarrassed by the whole incident. Bouncing on his head made him a little snow flakey, but some eggnog and a good nap brought him right back, and even he still says that reindeer rock. (As always, please look for my secret message to you by writing down the first letter of each paragraph.)

Big hugs with sprinkles,