Hi Friends,

Everyone has doubts. It’s just human nature, I guess. I think elves may believe a little easier, but I understand how some people second guess. Or maybe it’s just that think that Santa is someone, or worse – an idea -- that they outgrow. I have heard that some kids stop believing.

I need to make this icicle clear:

Santa is very real.

Santa is as wonderful and jolly as ever.

Oh, he can grumpy – momentarily – when usually-good boys and girls do something naughty, or the elves goof up and toy production slows.

Forgiving as he is, the boys and girls can always make their way back onto the nice list. And the elves immediately get back on his jolly side once production picks up.

Of course it’s understandable that some people would question him. You are not supposed to see him, and some people can’t believe anything if they don’t see it. Maybe you have heard Santa on Christmas Eve. Try as he does to be quiet, some rooftops squeak, some chimneys are a tight fit and some cookies are crunchier than others, so it’s possible he made a little noise.

Red suit, black boots and belt, white hair and beard. Iconic, right? But when you have a style that rocks the world for generations, why change? If you knew the man behind the look you would never doubt him.

Robust, ruddy, resourceful and always ready when you expect him, Santa is about as real as anyone gets.

Each of us could really use some of Santa’s spirit. He looks for the very best in people and all he asks is that you are good – to yourselves and to one another.

As my friends know by now, I would never, ever lie. OK, maybe I would tell you your hair looks dazzy if you just got a terrible haircut and I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. I would, though, try braiding the Northpole way with ribbons and make you look your best. Much as I love braiding, I can’t let that distract me from this most important message: Santa is as real as you and me, even if you can’t see him.

Looking goes beyond seeing. And I promise if you look for Santa you will find him, and all of his love. Please don’t doubt, and please check the first letter of each paragraph for my special message to you.

Big hugs with sprinkles!