Hi friends,

Overtall? For an elf that can be issue, and I happen to be tall for an elf. And you know what? That’s cool because elves, like people, come in all shapes and sizes and colors. Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all identical? If you want to have some fun with your clothes and feel a bit Christmasy all year, I have some great tips. (And remember to check out the first letter of each paragraph for today’s fun message.)

Wardrobes are often made way too complicated. Fashionistas tells us what we can and can’t wear. If we’re too thick, no stripes. If we’re too tall, no heels. Who needs all those rules?

To dress like an elf, however, all you need is a sense of fun, a few basics and faster than Santa flies up a chimney, you will look dazzy.

Of course it helps to be spritely, but that comes from your spirit, not your size.

Don’t feel you need to clean out your closet. We all know that’s no fun whatsoever, and clothes, just like everything else, should be fun! I suppose if you need to make room, by all means donate the stuff you don’t need.

Rich or poor also does not matter. You don’t need a ton of snowkens, the Northpole form of money, which is delightful because it’s chocolate. Elf style is all about being playful.

Elves know how to rock a cap, and caps really should have a point. And I don’t mean an opinion but they should have an actual point on top.

Scarves definitely tie an outfit together and keep us toasty.

Somber clothes are no fun and shouldn’t be worn, if at all possible.

Leggings or tights are crucial.

I know most people caution against horizontal stripes, but they are classic elf wear.

Khakis are perfectly fine down South, especially when the occasion is not dressy and too casual. Fishnets are the rage in Vegas, but in Northpole we love our striped tights.

Elves can also wear solid-colored tights. You can never go wrong with red or green.

And while we are on the lower half of the body, we must discuss footwear.

Nothing says Northpole like shoes that curl at the toe. We call them cues, from curlie-cues, and are just about the cutest shoes ever. It may be impossible to be sad while wearing them.

Ears, that most beautiful part of the anatomy, can be shown off with the right hat. In Northpole, hats are positioned at just the right jaunty angle to focus on our pointy ears. So don’t feel bad if your ears are of the rounded variety. Once you have the cues, and the right tights, and you use your ears for listening that’s all that really matters.

Longish tunics over tights look very cute, and work well belted. Belts can have bells, as can cues, but are not required.

Finally the most important accessory to being a stylish elf is to have the right attitude: eyes wide open to see how wonderful the world is and a huge smile.

Big hugs with sprinkles!