Hi Friends,

Once upon a time, there was a world without sugar, butter, flour, and I guess, without hope.

What sort of world must that have been? Sad, I think. No, worse! It would be tragic.

Can elves even survive in such a gloomy place? I suppose, but why should they? Once our fore-elves discovered how to combine all of those ingredients, something delicious happened.

Of course cookies happened. But to make cookies the Northpole way requires two special ingredients: sprinkles and happiness.

Oh, let’s face it – sprinkles and happiness make everything better. (Well, sprinkles in shampoo were a mistake, but they do improve almost everything else.) And they do something super delicious to cookies.

Kitchens need certain things to be useful: a refrigerator for you folks down South. In Northpole, we can put food outside, where snow keeps it the perfect temperature. And of course you need an oven.

Innovative gadgets like an automatic cookie-froster always make my mom happy, so I’m getting her one for Christmas.

Even though my Mom can frost cookies better than anyone I know, everyelf likes to save a little time. For eating more cookies!

Silly me! I got off track. I was trying to explain the importance of sprinkles. So in Northpole, we have a food pyramid just like you do. Only ours is more of a Christmas tree shape, and mine basically just includes sprinkles.  Sometimes chocolate chips.

Mittenfuls of sprinkles, chocolate chips, peppermint chips, toffee and frosting are the most important ingredients in cookies.

Admittedly, there is the whole flour and butter thing I mentioned earlier, but I actually leave the baking to my mom and my brothers. They’ll all agree. I really shine at cookie decorating. And I am even better at cookie eating.

Keep in mind a few other critical tips about cookie-making that every Northpolian knows.

Even though the hot air from the oven feels like a day at the beach, leave using it to the adults. They’re better at ovening safely than kids are.

Either human or elf it’s important to add as many cups of happy as you do of flour. Cooking with love is super critical.

Very few things go better with cookies than milk. One of the only things is more cookies.

Eight minutes feels like eight hours when you’re waiting for a batch of cookies to bake.

Resist the urge to bite into them immediately because you will burn yourself.

You never know if someone is out of cookies at home, so try to be patient if they are cranky.

There’s no such thing as a bad cookie. Just cookies that aren’t quite as good.

Having a well-rounded diet means being sure you eat pies and cakes as well as cookies.

It’s always wise to make enough cookies for yourself, family, friends, neighbors, Santa and yourself.

No one ever says no to homemade cookies.

Gosh, writing this made me so hungry for cookies, I have to go bake some now.

Before I go, though. I just want to remind all:

Elves and humans, clean up your mess!

Though elves are real and quite magical, most kitchens, sadly, are not. They must be cleaned after baking.

Tidy up, then settle in with a good Christmas book, milk and a big plate of sprinkles. Don’t forget to put cookies under them.

Eat and enjoy. And look for my fun message to you by taking the first letters of each paragraph and writing them down.

Remember to share!

Big Hugs with sprinkles!