Hi friends,

Up until my last blog post, I’ll bet some of you thought elves were just pretend, a bunch of guys in tights who worked really hard a couple of months a year.

Rather a limited view, if you ask me. As a teenager and an elf, I know a lot, especially about the joys of Christmas. As wonderful as toys and bikes, games and clothes are -- and they are the deer’s ears -- you know what makes for the perfect holiday season?

Right! Helping one another. It could be small stuff like helping your kid brother tie his shoes, or bigger stuff like visiting people in senior facilities (that was one of my vocab words last year, facilities).

You can make a difference. I am so positive of it, I would be willing to bet rides on Randy, my lovely reindeer. OK, in the interest of telling the truth, as Big Red insists, the reindeer are actually his. But Randy and I do share a special bond. Every once in a while, Santa lets me take Randy out for a spin and nothing is better!

Up we go, into the night sky and we streak around so fast that sometimes when people see us they don’t believe their eyes. But as we know in Northpole, sometimes you just have to believe whether or not there is scientific proof.

Personally, I know my fellow elves have been working very hard already to make sure all of you down South -- and you do know that even the farthest reaches of your north, and its snowiest alps are still a bit tropical to us – have a most wonderful Christmas.

As we are busy up here, making toys, games and bikes, knitting and baking, we know that’s you’re busy, too. We don’t really consider making the gifts to be work. I have to be serious for a moment here because this comes from the bottom of my heart. It’s a privilege to play such an important role in Christmas, but you also play a big part, and we need you!

Need, you ask? Truly we do. We all need each other, and should remember to do good, kind acts. It does not have to be huge, and it does not have to take all day.

Do good. That’s my message. If you see an elder carrying groceries ask if you may carry the bag. If you see a kid at school eating lunch alone, sit down next to him. And as difficult as this may be, share your cookies.

How we help isn’t as important as doing it, and being together. When we’re truly happy together, sparks of joy are created.

Everyone, at some point, needs help. And the most terrific thing is that everyone can help. That’s what’s important to know. I recently asked my pal, Kevin, “Where is it written a small elf can’t make a big difference?”

Look around. If someone littered, pick it up. If someone is frowning, give him or her a smile. Hugs are wonderful, but make sure you know the person you’re hugging. Because otherwise – awkward!

Please consider doing something nice today. It sends happiness up North so the magic can happen. And don’t forget, I put another fun message in this blog post. Write down the letters of the first word of each paragraph for your special message.

Big hugs with sprinkles! Clementine