Hi Friends,

Our time together comes to an end with this blog post.

Please indulge (vocab word) me because I may get a little mushy when I share my hopes for you for Christmas and beyond.

Every person reading this should be happy and healthy. Always!

Santa, Mrs. Claus and all the elves are determined to give you the perfect present.

For many of you, that’s easy for us to do.

Oh, we’re pretty skilled at making board games, bikes, dolls and computers.

Rings and necklaces, remote control cars – we handily make it all.

Yet what sometimes worries me (though I am a cheerful elf 98 percent of the time, I do worry a teeny bit) are the things we cannot deliver.

Of all the things we make in our guilds, we still fall short and that’s where we need your help.

Until everyone – and I mean every single person – believes that we need to love each other, it is going to be hard to bring about peace. You guys do remember that bit about Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth. That means we need to love each other. OK, I know that it’s impossible to love everyone – hey I go to school! I sit behind some very annoying elves.  But we have to try our best to like everyone and if that fails, at the very least, respect others.

All I’m asking is that you try. See if you can make friends with someone you thought you didn’t like.

New neighbors? Say hello with a big smile when you bring over a plate of cookies.

Don’t ever give up. On anyone. Ever!

For every new person you befriend, that’s one more person who is not so different, and then he goes on to make a friend and before you know it, you have helped make a bunch of friends.

Oh, I know I am just a pointy-eared elf teenager living in Northpole, but I know deep, deep inside my heart that “Peace on Earth” is not just a saying. It is something we can achieve.

Reaching that deep inside ourselves is sometimes hard.

All I know for certain is you never regret making friends, and no big shot world leaders have ever regretted making peace.

Look around! Does anyone else really look that different? I’m going to let you in on a little secret we know in Northpole.

Laugh if you want, but the world is not exactly the way they teach it in school or show it on the news!

Promise this is one secret you will tell others: From up here, when we fly about, the countries do not look like they do on maps. There are no separate colors, only mountains and deserts, water and cities. It’s all just one beautiful place.

Earth, as Santa has been telling us forever, is where peace is supposed to reign.

Often people just say it with no meaning, but consider how much we could do if we really try to live that way.

Peace with purpose. No fighting, just being kind and helping one another.

Let go of old feuds and problems. Celebrate Christmas with true joy and an open heart.

Every single day. This is my deepest wish for all of you, my dear friends. I wish each of you the most special, best Christmas ever, filled with peace, happiness, health and sprinkles. Loads and loads of sprinkles, with cookies under them.

Big hugs with sprinkles,