Hi friends,

All I want to do right now is say hi and let you know you have a friend in Northpole. Of course you have thousands of friends, beginning with Big Red. Most of you know him as Santa, and you know lots about him, which is why I want to tell you about me.

Please don’t be skeptical. I am an elf, and quite real. My name is Clementine. I’m 13, and I have nine brothers and sisters! It’s such a ginormous family even I get confused.

Plus I have the best pet – a reindeer. OK, technically Randy belongs to Big Red, but let’s not quibble. Randy loves me and I love Randy. And when I need to get down to the rest of the world in a hurry, and go like snow, what beats flying reindeer? Randy is totally dazzy!

I want us to be friends more than anything. Elves always say, “A warm smile always breaks the ice.” So I am smiling at you, and I hope you can feel it.

Now I realize wherever you live is beautiful. I have seen photos of palm trees and beaches, blue-ridged mountains and velvety deserts. Northpole, where I live, is so awesome, fun and truly magical!

Everyone thinks of Northpole as some tiny outpost, but actually it’s a metropolis and very modern. We have everything any elf could want. There are many neighborhoods, and houses are trimmed by twinkling lights. In fact, lights are extremely important to us.

Snow, as you would expect, is nothing but amazing. I think of it as the world’s frosting!

Should you ever doubt it, let me assure you -- there’s magic in every snowflake. It’s true that each one is different and wonderful.

Most important – and so many people do not know this – happiness is a glorious cycle, and snow plays an important role in this circle of joy. One of the very most important lessons about Christmas is that less togetherness down South means less magic snow up here. (By the way, friends, down South is the rest of the world, even the Yukon.)

All of us need the magic snow because it fuels Christmas. Here’s how it works: When people down South join together in joyful moments, they create sparks of happiness that float North as the center of magic snowflakes. When that magic snow graces Northpole, the Northern Lights glow bright and power Northpole. If there are not enough joyful moments, we are all in big trouble. (This could be worse than when I gave all the reindeer nothing but sprinkles for their dinner. Yes, I am extremely partial to sprinkles, but I’ll tell you more about them when I share recipes.) These Northern Lights dimming could be a real problem.

That’s what actually prompted me to write to you. Sure, I could use my Northpole Communicator, which is cool, but I understand that not everyone has one yet. Since most of you have access to a computer, I thought I could reach more of you, faster.

Time is of the essence and the more of you who truly believe and start doing what we need to make for a spectacular Christmas, the better it will be. Do whatever you can to create those sparks of joy.

Elves, as you know, want to make everything more fun! And that includes even sitting still and reading, like you’re doing now. Nothing’s funner than fun, so I made a little game here. Take the first letter of each paragraph and write it down, you’ll find my most important message to you.

Rest assured that from the tips of my cues, (that’s Northpole slang for my curly pink sneakers) up through my striped tights and to the tips of my pointy ears, I will be your devoted friend. We can figure out wonderful ways to bring joy to people and to keep the Christmas lights burning bright.

So for now, I will end with a plea to please spread some joy.

Big hugs with sprinkles! Clementine