The Peete family has moved into a new home!

Holly wants to throw a housewarming party but the rest of the family is too busy with their summer plans. Holly is upset that she can’t get the rest of the Peete family to commit to the event. She enlists Dolores to help her wrangle the Peete family. In the end the Peete kids rally and the housewarming party is the perfect christening for their new home.

Holly couldn’t be more proud of RJ for receiving a National League Championship ring from working with the Dodgers last season. After talking to RJ about what he wants to spend his hard earned money on Holly realizes it’s time for her and Rodney to get some financial guidance. Holly sets up a Financial Literacy learning day at the Peete home for themselves and other families in their Autism community.

Ryan had a great year at NYU and is back home for the summer. Her new adventure while she is at home is an internship at Sony. Ryan is excited but also expresses to Holly that she is nervous about embarking on this new journey. Holly tries to boost Ryan’s confidence to help her succeed.

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