Robinson, who has developed into a talented baseball player with dreams of making to the big leagues, receives a letter of acceptance to a prestigious camp hosted by Major League Baseball. He is excited to be trained by Ex-pro players and coaches, in front of college recruiters and major league scouts. Rodney is skeptical about Robinson’s opportunity and becomes overly protective of his boy. He is afraid Rob is too young for big league pressure and promises. Holly disagrees. She is excited for Rob and hopes that the presence of college and pro scouts will fuel him to play his best game. Stuck in the middle of his parents’ opinions, Robinson is unsure of who really has his back.

Holly and Rodney both have such busy schedules and they haven’t been able to spend any quality time together. They decide that working together would give them more husband/wife time. Holly hatches the idea of Holly’s Huddle, a sports podcast from a wife’s point of view. Rodney reluctantly agrees and provides his radio studio and staff to help make it run smoothly. But once the sports talk is underway, Holly throws a curveball by bringing up Robinson’s baseball future. The family debate goes a bit too far and they decide this podcast isn’t the way they imagined their quality time should be.

This is a big summer from Ryan. She has an amazing internship at Sony Music and she will soon be entering her junior year at NYU. She is accomplishing so much by age 20, but there is one more thing Holly would like her to achieve....getting her driver’s license! With her twin brother RJ driving himself to work everyday and 16 year old Robinson just about to get his license, Ryan becomes determined to pass her test before Roman is old enough to beat her to it. Ryan enlists the help of RJ who she deems the “best driver in the family” to help her pass her test and become a licensed driver before summer’s end!

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