After a conversation with his parents, Rodney decides he wants to take the whole family to Arizona to celebrate his parent’s 57th wedding anniversary. Holly, whose life long dream has been to take a road trip, seizes the moment and convinces Rodney they should drive to Arizona in an RV. Rodney begrudgingly agrees as long as he doesn’t have to drive; Holly accepts.

Dolores, who is dog sitting for Holly, decides to make herself at home in their empty house. Looking to try a fun look to go with her new life in Palm Springs, Dolores decides to buy some wigs but they aren’t exactly what she had in mind. Still wanting to change things up, Dolores cons Matt into taking a hip hop dance class, which proves to be more difficult then she had thought.

Holly packs up the whole family for the ultimate road trip. First stop, the Grand Canyon! After several hours on the road, Holly gets frightened by all the traffic and pulls off to the side of the highway. Will Holly be able to get it together in order to drive the family the rest of the way or will this road trip be a bust?

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