Over 20 years ago Holly and Rodney Peete created the HollyRod Foundation, which supports people impacted by Parkinson’s and Autism. Every year the HollyRod Foundation holds their annual fundraiser, DesignCare. The amount of money raised at DesignCare funds programs throughout the year so it is imperative that they raise a lot of money. Designcare honors different people in the community that are an advocate in the Parkinson and Autism community.

This year the HollyRod Foundation is honoring the artist Stephen Wiltshire, Lisa Ackerman from TACA, Reverend Jesse L. Jackson Sr., Microsoft and Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Holly proposes having one more Honoree for the night to Rodney… her brother, Matt Robinson. Matt was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 3 years ago and has become a beacon of light to others that are fighting the disease as well. Rodney thinks it is a great idea. Holly just hopes Matt agrees to being honored.

DesignCare is a family affair for the Peete household. Every year the Peete children open the fundraiser by strutting down the catwalk. This year Ryan asks her parents if she can abstain from participating. Holly and Rodney are not having it because it is the 20th anniversary and this is a tradition! However, they are going to call in some help for Ryan to feel prepared for the big night.

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