It’s the twins’ big 21st birthday and they get to spend it in Berlin! RJ and Ryan have taken different paths in life since entering the world together. Ryan is soaking in her college experience and RJ is living the dream working for the Dodgers. But that doesn’t mean RJ isn’t curious what college life is like, especially in a foreign land.

After seeing the sights, tagging along on a class assignment and meeting Ryan’s friends, RJ can appreciate the life Ryan is living, but he knows he made the right choice for himself. He knows he hit a home run getting a job with the LA Dodgers and couldn’t be happier!

While Holly is away in Germany with the twins, Rodney has an important mission. He is tasked with curbing Roman’s video game addiction. Roman stays up late gaming every night and winds up being late for school. Rodney plays the ultimate bad cop and locks up Romans game controllers until he can agree to get up and get to school in time.

RJ’s Place has been a long time coming, but with the construction crew from Outback Steakhouse on the job, it’s progress got kicked into high gear. When Holly and RJ return home, they will be excited to finally walk through the completed RJ’s Place where they can continue to spread awareness and help people on the spectrum enter into the workforce.

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