This March, tune in Saturday nights at 8/7 for all-new romantic movies featuring stars like Kimberley Sustad, Brooks Darnell, Rhiannon Fish and Kristoffer Polaha!

The Love Club: Nicole's Pen Pal
Premieres SAT MARCH 4 8/7c on Hallmark Channel
Freshly engaged interior designer, Nicole, still wonders if the one she is meant to be with is her mystery college pen pal whose letters she has kept all these years. At a loss of what to do, she seeks out assistance from The Love Club – four women who met 10 years prior and made a vow to always be there for one another should any of them encounter relationship challenges at any point in their lives. Nicole and the ladies of The Love Club reunite and set out to track down Nicole’s pen pal, sending them on a journey to a lodge in the mountains where Nicole encounters romance, comedic imposters, female bonding, and plenty of mishaps until ultimately, the letters help lead her to her true love. Starring Brittany Bristow and Marcus Rosner.

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Game of Love
Premieres SAT MARCH 11 8/7c
Starring Kimberley Sustad and Brooks Darnell
Audrey (Sustad), a creative board game designer and Matthew (Darnell), a research-driven marketing consultant, are tasked with creating a new game to help players find romance. Given just weeks to deliver the project, the pair find that they have very different approaches. However, as they try to work together, they discover something they have in common: they each have a lot to learn about love.

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A Winning Team
Premieres SAT MARCH 18 8/7c
Starring Nadia Hatta and Kristoffer Polaha
When pro soccer player Emily (Hatta) finds herself no longer in the game, she teams up with Ian (Polaha), a laid-back small-town coach, to lead her niece’s team to the playoffs.

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A Picture of Her
Premieres SAT MARCH 25 8/7c
Starring Rhiannon Fish and Tyler Hynes
Beth (Fish) unwittingly becomes the subject of an award-winning magazine’s cover and goes on a quest to uncover the true identity of the mystery photographer who snapped her photo.

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