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Taiana Tully in Love, For Real

Taiana Tully


Taiana Tully is an actress, dancer, singer, and model from Honolulu, Hawai’i. She was born into a family of performers, and has been training in Hula and Tahitian dance since she could walk. Taiana started dancing professionally at the age of 7, and has traveled internationally on an annual tour with the Polynesian dance theatrical company, Tunui’s Royal Polynesians. Ever since she was a child, Taiana had a special love for TV and movies. In her junior year of high school, Taiana decided that she wanted to pursue acting professionally. Taiana was involved in her high school theater programs, film programs, and received private acting coaching at a local community theater. Taiana won several awards for best actress at her high school for her roles in student films and on stage. Taiana was picked up by her first agent after being scouted at her high school’s musical production of The Fantasticks. Soon after graduating, Taiana booked her first professional role in a Christian feature film called The Lost Adventure, A Journey Off the Map. After an eventful summer, Taiana moved to Los Angeles to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, a private performing arts conservatory. During preparation of her last exam play, Taiana was involved in a serious car accident that immediately forced her to move back to Hawaii to get proper care. While Taiana took some time to recover, she earned her degree from AADA remotely, and briefly moved to England to be with a friend who was also involved in the car accident. While in Sheffield, England, Taiana continued to train in classical singing with an accredited Royal Schools of Music teacher. When Taiana was visiting Hawai’i for the holidays, she signed with talent agency Bliss Models and Talent, and booked a feature film, Water Like Fire, which compelled her to stay in Hawai’i instead of taking her return flight back to England. Since then, Taiana has appeared in over a dozen commercials for companies such as McDonald’s, Island Insurance, and Zippy’s, various feature films such as Aloha Surf Hotel and Water Like Fire, along with several network television shows with a recurring role on Magnum P.I., a guest star role on Hawaii 5-0, as well as a guest star role on Netflix series The Naked Director. Taiana was the lead in two different films featured at the Hawaii International Film Festival in 2020, Water Like Fire and Aloha Surf Hotel. When Taiana is not working in film or tv productions, she is a character performer for Disney. Taiana loves working with children, bonding with animals, and spending time in nature. She is an avid gym-goer and mental health advocate working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Bellevue University. Taiana’s youngest brother, Teagan, lives with special needs, and cannot eat, walk, talk, nor breathe on his own. Taiana is very passionate about spreading awareness of children with special needs like Teagan, and how important it is to give them the opportunity to still be a kid and have fun. Taiana hopes to spread love, joy, excitement, hope, and compassion around the world with the art of storytelling through movies and television.

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