George Stults


Born in Detroit, Michigan, George Stults grew up in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado. In high school he was interested in both actin and wrestling and earned a wrestling scholarship to the University of Southern Colorado but transferred to Whitter College in his junior year to be closer to his younger brother Geoff, who is also an actor.

Stults began his career as a model but when a commercial agent saw him eating lunch one day and gave him her card he was ushered into the world of acting. He auditioned for a role on “7th Heaven,” on which his brother Geoff had a recurring role as Mary Camden’s love interest, Ben Kinkirk. Stults originally auditioned for the role of a kid who forced others to drink but was later cast in the role of Ben’s older brother Kevin, which he landed in the show’s sixth season and remained in until it ended five years later.

Other television credits include guest roles in series such as “Friends,” “Will & Grace,” “The Finder” and “Melissa & Joey,” as well as roles in the television movies “Romantically Speaking,” “Hydra,” “Borderline Murder.” In feature films Stults has been seen in “Necrosis,” “Night Skies” and “What Lies Above.”

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