SEASON ONE 1951-1952EPISODE 1 Lucy Thinks Ricky Is Trying To Murder HerEngrossed in a murder mystery, Lucy becomes convinced that Ricky is plotting to kill her.
EPISODE 2 The Girls Want to Go to a Night ClubFor the Mertzes’ anniversary, the guys want to go to the fights and the women want to go to a nightclub.
EPISODE 3 Be a PalLucy thinks Ricky is losing interest in her and takes Ethel’s advice on spicing up their marriage.
EPISODE 4 The DietLucy wants a part in Ricky’s nightclub act, but must lose twelve pounds in four days.
EPISODE 5 The Quiz ShowAfter Ricky cuts off her allowance, Lucy becomes a contestant on a quiz show.
EPISODE 6 The AuditionLucy decides she must impress talent scouts in order to get into show business.
EPISODE 7 The SeanceLucy becomes interested in numerology and she starts dictating Ricky’s business affairs.
EPISODE 8 Men Are MessyWhen Ricky leaves his clothes around the living room, Lucy tries to teach Ricky to be tidy around the house.
EPISODE 9 DraftedLucy and Ethel are under the impression that their husbands have drafted. EPISODE 10 The Fur CoatLucy assumes the mink coat Ricky must use as prop for his act is her anniversary present.
EPISODE 11 Jealous of Girl SingerUpon reading a gossip column story, Lucy and Ethel believe the Ricardos’ marriage needs saving.
EPISODE 12 The AdagioLucy learns that Ricky needs a dancer for his Parisian nightclub act and is determined to get the part and so gets dance lessons from a brazen Frenchman.
EPISODE 13 The BenefitLucy resorts to her womanly wiles to get Ricky to sing at a women’s club benefit.
EPISODE 14 The Amateur HourLucy is forced to take a job baby-sitting twins and gets more than she bargained for.
EPISODE 15 Lucy Plays CupidLucy tries to arrange a match between a love-struck old lady and the grocer who is smitten with Lucy.
EPISODE 16 Lucy Fakes IllnessIn a deception planned to convince Ricky that she ought to be in his newnightclub act, Lucy fakes amnesia.
EPISODE 17 Lucy Writes a PlayDesperate about her failed attempts to become an actress, Lucy decides to write a play to get into show business.
EPISODE 18 Breaking the LeaseLucy and Ricky’s late night singing almost breaks both a lease and some friendships.
EPISODE 19 The BalletRicky needs a ballet dancer and a burlesque comic for his club’s new musical revue. Lucy wants the ballet gig and takes dance lessons from a strict instructor.
EPISODE 20 Young FansThe eternal love triangle turns into a square as two young romantics fall for Lucy and Ricky.
EPISODE 21 New NeighborsLucy snoops on her new neighbors and fears they’re trying to kill them.
EPISODE 22 Fred and Ethel FightAfter the Mertzes have a quarrel the Ricardos try their best to get them back together. Lucy invites each of them to dinner without the other knowing in an effort to play Cupid.
EPISODE 23 The MustacheWhen Ricky refuses to shave off a new mustache, Lucy glues one on her own face but can’t seem to get it off.
EPISODE 24 The GossipThe husbands and wives have a contest to see who can keep from gossiping longer.
EPISODE 25 Pioneer WomenLucy and Ethel are challenged to try to live without modern conveniences.
EPISODE 26 The Marriage LicenseWhen Lucy discovers a mistake on their marriage license, she makes Ricky recreate the whole courtship and ceremony.
EPISODE 27 KleptomaniacRicky discovers a wad of cash in Lucy’s purse and closet full of strange valuables and is convinced she’s a kleptomaniac.
EPISODE 28 Cuban PalsWhen Ricky’s old dance partner from Cuba comes for a visit, Lucy is jealous of the girl who has grown into a beautiful woman.
EPISODE 29 The FreezerLucy and Ethel must unload a walk-in freezer full of beef before the guys find out.
EPISODE 30 Lucy Does a CommercialLucy gets a gig doing a TV commercial but the product she’s pitching gets her more and more intoxicated with each take.
EPISODE 31 Publicity AgentLucy pretends she’s foreign royalty who has traveled far to see Ricky perform.
EPISODE 32 Lucy Gets Ricky on the RadioAfter Ricky plays a practical joke, Lucy is convinced that he is a genius and gets him on a quiz show.
EPISODE 33 Lucy’s ScheduleRicky puts Lucy on a strict time schedule for her chores, hoping to impress his new boss.
EPISODE 34 Getting BaldHaunted by the ghastly thought that he is growing bald, Ricky appeals to Lucy for a remedy
EPISODE 35 Ricky Asks for a RaiseLucy and the Mertzes set out to convince Ricky’s boss that Ricky Ricardo is an irreplaceable talent.
SEASON TWO 1952-1953EPISODE 036 Anniversary PresentLucy believes Ricky is having an affair with a neighbor, not realizing he’s just trying to purchase a pearl necklace for her anniversary present.
EPISODE 037 The HandcuffsLucy, as a gag, handcuffs herself to Ricky but they discover that the handcuffs are of Civil War vintage and a key cannot be found to unlock them.
EPISODE 038 The OperettaLucy must put on an operetta for her club’s anniversary with no funds in the budget.
EPISODE 039 Job SwitchingThe women get jobs for a week while the guys stay home and do housework.
EPISODE 040 The SaxophoneDetermined to accompany her husband on a tour with his band, Lucy auditions with her saxophone, which she has not picked up since high school.
EPISODE 041 Vacation From MarriageThe monotony of married life prompts Lucy and Ethel take a break from theirhusbands for a week.
EPISODE 042 The CourtroomThe Mertzes and the Ricardos go to court to fight over a broken television set.
EPISODE 043 RedecoratingLucy and Ethel enter a contest for new home furnishings and are the luckywinners.
EPISODE 044 Ricky Loses His VoiceRicky comes down with a sore throat right before the Tropicana is re-opening with a big show.
EPISODE 045 Sales ResistanceLucy has trouble getting rid of a defunct vacuum cleaner sold to her by a fast talking salesman.
EPISODE 046 Inferiority ComplexAfter pulling off one faux pas after another, Lucy develops a devastating inferiority complex.
EPISODE 047 The Club ElectionLucy and Ethel are pitted against each other in the race for the presidency of their women’s club.
EPISODE 048 The Black EyeRicky gives Lucy a black eye, and the Mertzes refuse to believe it’s an accident.
EPISODE 049 Lucy Changes Her MindLucy decides to make Ricky jealous by finishing a love letter to an old flame.
EPISODE 050 Lucy Is EncienteConstant interruptions frustrate Lucy’s every attempt to tell Ricky that they are going to have a baby.
EPISODE 051 Pregnant WomenExpectant Lucy creates pandemonium with her unpredictable demands on herbewildered husband.
EPISODE 052 Lucy’s Show Biz Swab SongDespite her condition, Lucy is determined to participate in a gay 90’s review that Ricky is staging.
EPISODE 053 Lucy Hires An English TutorDetermined to have a well-spoken child, Lucy engages an English tutor.
EPISODE 054 Ricky Has Labor PainsRicky develops psychosomatic symptoms mirroring those of his expectant wife.
EPISODE 055 Lucy Becomes a SculptressLucy decides that their unborn child should have artistic leanings, so believing she has talent, begins to sculpt with clay.
EPISODE 056 Lucy Goes to the HospitalRicky, Fred and Ethel have prepared for it, but when the time comes for Lucy to deliver her baby, they are far from ready.
EPISODE 057 No Children AllowedThe neighbors complain of the Ricardos’ baby’s crying and threaten to move out but Ethel valiantly stands by her friends… and she won’t let them forget it.
EPISODE 058 Lucy Hires a MaidThe Ricardos hire a maid to help around the house but she turns out to be a mean, difficult woman who Lucy is too afraid to fire.
EPISODE 059 The Indian ShowLucy tries desperately to get into the Indian show Ricky is putting on at his club.
EPISODE 060 Lucy’s Last BirthdayRicky plans a surprise birthday party for Lucy and she is miserable because she thinks everyone has forgotten.
EPISODE 061 Ricardos Change ApartmentsLucy tries everything on Ricky in an effort to get his permission to move into a larger apartment.
EPISODE 062 Lucy Is MatchmakerA matchmaking enterprise which Lucy and Ethel concoct to marry off a female wolf’ backfires.
EPISODE 063 Lucy Wants New FurnitureLucy buys some furniture against Ricky’s orders and is forced to pay for the trappings out of her own allowance.
EPISODE 064 The Camping TripLucy and Ethel invite themselves to a rugged camping trip with their spouses.
EPISODE 065 Ricky’s Life StoryLucy wants to get even with Ricky after he tries to squash her show business aspirations.
EPISODE 066 Ricky and Fred Are TV FansWidowed by a fight night on television, Lucy and Ethel go out in search of adventure.
EPISODE 067 Never Do Biz With FriendsLucy and Ricky sell their old washing machine to the Mertzes with disastrous results.
SEASON THREE 1953-1954EPISODE 068 The Girls Go Into BusinessLucy and Ethel buy a dress shop and go into business for themselves.
EPISODE 069 Lucy And Ethel Buy The Same DressLucy and Ethel show up to a talent show performance wearing identical dressess
EPISODE 070 Equal RightsLucy and Ethel believe they are entitled to equal rights, so the men insist they pay their share at a restaurant.
EPISODE 071 Baby PicturesThe Ricardos make a resolution not to brag about their son, but Lucy can’t resist.
EPISODE 072 Lucy Tells The TruthLucy’s vow to tell the truth for 24 hours in order to win a bet, lands her in a knife-throwing act on television.
EPISODE 073 The French RevueLucy tries to crash Ricky’s French revue playing at the Tropicana as a lamp, a bass fiddle, and as a chorus girl.
EPISODE 074 Redecorating The Mertz ApartmentTo help Ethel and Fred redecorate, the Ricardos nearly wreck the Mertzes’ apartment.
EPISODE 075 Too Many CrooksThe finger of suspicion points to Lucy as the mysterious burglar, Madame X.
EPISODE 076 Changing the Boys’ WardrobeLucy and Ethel hatch an ingenious plot to update their husband’s wardrobes.
EPISODE 077 Lucy Has Her Eyes ExaminedLucy makes a crazy attempt at a jitterbug audition even though her vision is impaired.
EPISODE 078 Ricky’s Old GirlfriendA fictitious old flame of Ricky’s provides a nightmare for Lucy after the Ricardos join Fred and Ethel in a quiz on How to Rate Your Marriage.
EPISODE 079 The Million Dollar IdeaLucy and Ethel’s vision of making millions of dollars by selling salad dressing backfires when they start losing more money than they earn.
EPISODE 080 Ricky Minds The BabyRicky, Sr., gives a Cuban version of Little Red Riding Hood while baby-sitting Ricky, Jr.
EPISODE 081 Charm SchoolLucy and Ethel enroll in a charm school after witnessing their husbands’ interest in a sweet young thing who exudes personality-plus.
EPISODE 082 Sentimental AnniversaryLucy and Ricky plan a quiet celebration of their anniversary, but Fred and Ethel have a different idea.
EPISODE 083 Magazine InterviewLucy and Ricky are expecting a visit from a fan magazine writer who’s doing a piece on happily married couples.
EPISODE 084 Oil WellsThe foursome invest in a shady oil stock they’re told is a sure-thing but pull out of the deal when they find reason to suspect the hot tip.
EPISODE 085 Ricky Loses His TemperRicky tries his hand at a little psychology to overcome Lucy’s mania for buying hats.
EPISODE 086 Home MoviesWhen Ricky makes a film and succeeds in selling it to a producer, Lucy decides to get into the act by producing a western.
EPISODE 087 Bonus BucksLucy and Ethel argue over the ownership of a bonus buck, that’s worth $300 from a newspaper contest.
EPISODE 088 Ricky’s Hawaiian AdventureLucy wants to go to Hawaii and wangles her way onto a television game show to win the trip.
EPISODE 089 Lucy Is EnviousLucy and Ethel make headlines and $500 when they invade the Empire StateBuilding dressed as Martians.
EPISODE 090 Lucy Writes a NovelLucy wants to be a writer but her fictional stories are a little too close to reality.
EPISODE 091 The Club DanceLucy forms an all-women band but needs Ricky’s help to make them sound presentable.
EPISODE 092 The DinerThe Ricardos and Mertzes buy a diner together but they cannot agree on how it should be run.
EPISODE 093 The Black WigLucy adopts a new look and tests her husband’s fidelity…but he’s already on to her little scheme.
EPISODE 094 Tennessee Ernie VisitsLucy vamps it up in an attempt to scare away an unwelcome hillbilly houseguest.
EPISODE 095 Tennessee Ernie Hangs OnA houseguest overstays his welcome and the Ricardos concoct a scheme that ends up making them look like country hillbillies.
EPISODE 096 The Golf GameLucy and Ethel are sick of being golf widows so they decide to t-off with their husbands.
EPISODE 097 The SubleaseThe Ricardos find a tenant to sublease their apartment for the summer they will be in Maine.
SEASON FOUR 1954-1955EPISODE 098 Lucy Cries WolfLucy cries wolf once too often and Ricky ignores her bogus plea for rescue.
EPISODE 099 The MatchmakerLucy plays matchmaker, but the Ricardos’ ‘perfect’ marriage fails to impress their unmarried guests.
EPISODE 100 The Business ManagerLucy’s business savvy outsmarts the Ricardos’ new money manager and she makes a killing in the stock market.
EPISODE 101 Mr. and Mrs. Television NetworkLucy thinks up a new way to crash her husband’s nightclub show.
EPISODE 102 Mertz and KurtzLucy dishes out large servings of faux pas when she pretends to be a maid.
EPISODE 103 Ricky’s Movie OfferLucy almost ruins Ricky’s chance for a film career and mistakes a talent scout for a burglar.
EPISODE 104 Ricky’s Screen TestCameras roll for Ricky’s Hollywood screen test, but when the director calls action, Lucy takes the cue.
EPISODE 105 Lucy’s Mother-In-LawLucy can’t understand her Spanish-speaking mother-in-law, so she secretly hires a translator to feed her some dialogue.
EPISODE 106 Ethel’s BirthdayLucy gets into hot water when she tries to help Fred buy Ethel a birthday present.
EPISODE 107 Ricky’s ContractLucy enlists the help of the Mertzes to distract Ricky, and the drastic steps taken by the trio boomerang into a king-sized headache for them all.
EPISODE 108 Getting ReadyThe Ricardos prepare for their cross-country road trip to Hollywood and the Mertzes decide that they will accompany them.
EPISODE 109 Learning To DriveFor their trip out west, Ricky buys a new car to replace the old, beat-up one Fred bought. Lucy convinces her husband to teach her how to drive it.
EPISODE 110 California, Here We ComeThe Ricardos’ and Mertzes’ road trip to California may not happen when Lucy’s mother arrives and tells them she wants to go too.
EPISODE 111 First StopWhen Lucy takes over the driving, she takes a detour and gets the gang stuck at a tourist trap.
EPISODE 112 Tennessee BoundThe Ricardos and Mertzes wind up in jail in Bent Fork, Tennessee, and Cousin Ernie returns in their lives to break them out.
EPISODE 113 Ethel’s Home TownThe Ricardos and Mertzes go through Ethel’s hometown where everyone thinks she is the big Hollywood star.
EPISODE 114 L.A. At LastLucy has a disastrous encounter with William Holden and must later disguise herself when Ricky invites him over to meet her.
EPISODE 115 Don Juan and the StarletsRicky’s rendez-vous with five starlets is enough to make Lucy consider divorce!
EPISODE 116 Lucy Gets in PIcturesLucy gets her big break in showbiz but does she have the grace to pull it off?
EPISODE 117 The Fashion ShowA charity fashion show is Lucy’s chance to perform and score a designer suit.
EPISODE 118 The Hedda Hopper ShowLucy takes a dive in an effort to further Ricky’s career by creating a big splash in Hedda Hopper’s Hollywood column.
EPISODE 119 Don Juan Is ShelvedLucy learns Ricky’s movie will not be released and launches a campaign to keep her husband in Hollywood.
EPISODE 120 Bull Fight DanceLucy learns from Ricky’s press agent that Ricky is going to host a TV show. So Lucy gets a part in a television show, only to be cast as a bull.
EPISODE 121 Hollywood AnniversaryRicky forgets his anniversary again and gets caught in a devilish scheme.
EPISODE 122 The Star UpstairsStar-struck Lucy plots with a hotel bellhop to meet Cornell Wilde, who is seeking some much-needed rest in the same Hollywood hotel.
EPISODE 123 In Palm SpringsDue to simultaneous marital tiffs in the Ricardo and Mertz households, Lucy and Ethel take off on a girls-only vacation to Palm Springs.
EPISODE 124 Harpo MarxLucy, impersonating stars for her nearsighted friend, dresses up as Harpo Marx who just happens to be visiting himself.
EPISODE 125 Dancing StarLucy throws herself at Van Johnson and asks to be his dance partner, when he accepts they waltz across the ballroom and impress all of Lucy’s friends.
EPISODE 126 Ricky Needs An AgentLucy impersonates Ricky’s agent and almost ruins his career.
EPISODE 127 The TourWhen Ricky refuses to introduce her to actor Richard Widmark, Lucy decides the next best thing is to steal a grapefruit from his property.
SEASON FIVE 1955-1956EPISODE 128 Lucy Visits Grauman’sLucy won’t leave California without taking along the cement block with John Wayne’s footprints from Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and hatches a plot for its removal.
EPISODE 129 Lucy & John WayneLucy may be arrested for stealing John Wayne’s cement footprints outsideGrauman’s Chinese Theatre.
EPISODE 130 Lucy and The DummyWhen Ricky refuses to entertain at a studio party, Lucy accepts in his place and lands herself a contract to entertain.
EPISODE 131 Ricky Sells The CarRicky sells his car, and the Mertzes think they are being stranded in California.
EPISODE 132 The Great Train RobberyThere’s a jewel thief on the train they’re taking cross-country and Lucy intends to catch him.
EPISODE 133 HomecomingEveryone treats Ricky like a big celebrity upon his return from Hollywood.
EPISODE 134 Person To PersonRicky’s agent sets up a TV interview of the Ricardos in their home but doesn’t think their apartment is good enough.
EPISODE 135 Lucy Goes To A RodeoRicky has a scheduling mix-up, and finds that he finally needs Lucy’s help with his act.
EPISODE 136 Nursery SchoolLucy must find a way to break some rules in order to be with Little Ricky for his overnight hospital stay.
EPISODE 137 Ricky’s European BookingRicky and Fred are going on a European tour but can only bring their wives they can raise money for their own expenses.
EPISODE 138 The PassportsBecause Lucy can’t produce her birth certificate, which she needs to get a passport for the upcoming trip Europe, she must somehow prove she was born.
EPISODE 139 Staten Island FerryFred’s seasickness may spoil the trip to Europe.
EPISODE 140 Bon VoyageFred, Ethel and Ricky are sailing for Europe when it’s discovered that Lucy is still on the dock.
EPISODE 141 Lucy’s Second HoneymoonLucy schemes to get Ricky away from his band duties aboard the ship so that they can spend some romantic time alone.
EPISODE 142 Lucy Meets The QueenRicky is meeting the Queen of England and Lucy is not invited.
EPISODE 143 THE FOX HUNTLucy goes on her first fox hunt in order to keep an eye on Ricky and a beautiful actress.
EPISODE 144 LUCY GOES TO SCOTLANDLucy dreams of visiting the Scottish village of her ancestors but it becomes a nightmare involving a two-headed dragon.
EPISODE 145 PARIS AT LASTLucy wants to discover an unknown talent in Paris but she winds up meeting a con artist instead.
EPISODE 146 LUCY MEETS CHARLES BOYERLucy engages someone who looks like Charles Boyer to convince Ricky that she is not interested in the French actor, not realizing that it is actually Boyer.
EPISODE 147 LUCY GETS A PARIS GOWNThe guys want to teach their wives a lesson in Paris fashion.
EPISODE 148 LUCY IN THE SWISS ALPSThe Ricardos and Mertzes become snowbound in the Swiss Alps.
EPISODE 149 LUCY GETS HOMESICKLucy wants to make a transatlantic phone call to Little Ricky but Fred is trying to save money.
EPISODE 150 LUCY’S ITALIAN MOVIELucy soaks up plenty of local color when she tramples grapes to get into the mood for a role in an Italian movie.
EPISODE 151 LUCY’S BICYCLE TRIPLucy is not allowed to cross the French-Italian border because she can’t find her passport.
EPISODE 152 LUCY GOES TO MONTE CARLOLucy’s accidental windfall at the casino starts trouble between the Mertzes and the Ricardos.
EPISODE 153 HOME FROM EUROPEOn the flight home from Europe, Lucy disguises a 30-pound hunk of cheese as a baby in order to avoid an extra baggage charge.
SEASON SIX 1956-1957EPISODE 154 LUCY MEETS BOB HOPELucy tries to get Bob Hope to perform at the opening night of Ricky’s new club.
EPISODE 155 LUCY MEETS ORSON WELLESLucy thinks Orson Welles has offered her serious Shakespearean role, not the role of assistant in his magic act.
EPISODE 156 LITTLE RICKY GETS STAGE FRIGHT=A case of stage fright hits Little Ricky as he is about to make his debut as a drummer.
EPISODE 157 LITTLE RICKY LEARNS TO PLAY THE DRUMLittle Ricky’s constant playing of his new drums is causing friction with the Mertzes.
EPISODE 158 VISITOR FROM ITALYLucy tries to reunite a Venetian gondolier with his brother, who lives in America.
EPISODE 159 OFF TO FLORIDAWhen Lucy misplaces their train tickets, she and Ethel must share a drive to Florida with a woman they fear is a murderess.
EPISODE 160 DEEP SEA FlSHINGThe misadventures of the Ricardos and the Mertzes take them deep sea fishing, and their lines get tangled.
EPISODE 161 DESERT ISLANDTo keep their husbands from judging a beauty contest, Lucy and Ethel scheme to have their pleasure boat run out of gas at sea so the guys will miss the pageant.
EPISODE 162 THE RICARDOS VISIT CUBAThe Ricardos go to Cuba, where Ricky wants to introduce his relatives to wife Lucy and son Little Ricky.
EPISODE 163 LITTLE RICKY’S SCHOOL PAGEANTA lavish children’s pageant in the Enchanted Forest is complete with elves, owls, bunnies, and Lucy as a broom-riding witch.
EPISODE 164 LUCY AND THE LOVING CUPRicky’s disapproval of Lucy’s new hat leads her to try a trophy cup on for size.
EPISODE 165 LITTLE RICKY GETS A DOGLittle Ricky’s noisy new puppy keeps the neighbors up at night.
EPISODE 166 LUCY AND SUPERMANLucy looks for unusual entertainment to lure kids to Little Ricky’s party when she finds out another boy has a planned a party for the same day. EPISODE 167 LUCY WANTS TO MOVE TO THE COUNTRYLucy wants to move to the country but dreads leaving the Mertzes.
EPISODE 168 LUCY HATES TO LEAVE The Ricardos must move into the cramped apartment of the Mertzes before taking possession of their new country home.
EPISODE 169 LUCY MISSES THE MERTZESMissing each other after the Ricardos move to the country, the Mertzes and Ricardos decide to surprise the other couple with a visit.
EPISODE 170 LUCY GETS CHUMMY WITH THE NEIGHBORSA misunderstanding with their new neighbors makes life in the country very uncomfortable for the Ricardos.
EPISODE 171 LUCY RAISES CHICKENSFive hundred chicks, part of Lucy’s latest moneymaking scheme, have taken over the house!
EPISODE 172 LUCY DOES THE TANGOTheir hens aren’t laying eggs and Ricky’s about to abandon their newest venture until Lucy tries to fool him with store-bought eggs.
EPISODE 173 RAGTIME BANDWhen Ricky Sr. refuses to perform at a gig Lucy has booked for him, she forms a band of the Mertzes, herself and Ricky Jr.
EPISODE 174 LUCY’S NIGHT IN TOWNA night at the theater doesn’t turn out as planned when the Ricardos & Mertzes must share two seats between the four of them.
EPISODE 175 HOUSEWARMINGLucy becomes jealous of the fast friendship between Ethel and her neighbor Betty Ramsey.
EPISODE 176 BUILDING A BAR-B-QLucy’s loses her wedding ring and thinks it’s in the newly constructed brick barbecue.
EPISODE 177 COUNTRY CLUB DANCELucy leads a glamour revolt among the suburban housewives when their husbands are momentarily overwhelmed by a pretty visitor at a country club dance.
EPISODE 178 LUCY RAISES TULIPSLucy tries to win Best Looking Garden but her neighbor’s garden and a power mower stand in her way.
EPISODE 179 THE RICARDOS DEDICATE A STATUELucy accidentally destroys a commissioned statue and must impersonate it for the unveiling ceremony.