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Today on Home & Family: Joshua Johnson

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Joshua Johnson
Today's first guest was featured on "Dancing With The Stars," not just for his tap dancing skills but also for his inspiring story. Since 2006, when his mother lost her job, Joshua Johnson began to tap dance as a means to support himself and his dreams. Like many families, the joy of Joshua being accepted to college was quickly tempered by the reality of a hefty out-of-state tuition bill. With his mother living in a shelter, Joshua's dreams of being the first in his family to graduate seemed impossible but his talent and drive would not be silenced. Joshua took to the streets (subways actually) and began to dance. His unique style of street performing has made it possible for him to pay for college and support his family. Now 5 semesters in, Joshua does, as he has for years, perform "The Tap Express" for commuters on the No. 2 & No. 3 trains and today he shares his remarkable story with Paige and Mark.
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Michael Urie
From "Ugly Betty" and the new sitcom "Partners," Michael Urie stops by the Home & Family house! Since childhood, Michael has been making people laugh and he even shares his first realization that he was meant to perform comedy. Plus, Michael brings his own four-legged friend Sprouts to hang out with Mark & Paige. And later, Michael plays "Celebrity" with the entire Home & Family crew!
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Billy Vasquez
99¢ Chef Billy Vasquez is in the kitchen today showing Mark & Paige how to make an entire meal from the 99¢ store. Using humor and his eye for a deal, the self-described 'cheapskate' creates unique and tasty recipes literally on a dime. Today, Billy shares his recipe for Spaghetti alla Carbonara all for under $5.00.
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Laurie Graham
LA based stylist and fashionista Laurie Graham stops by to teach us about the best ways to wear a sweater. With seasons changing, sweaters are a must-have for warmth and comfort, but they can also become a major fashion faux pas. Today Laurie gives her top 3 tips for buying and wearing a sweater. From the poncho to the sweater dress (very big this season) Laurie proves that comfort and style do not have to be mutually exclusive!
Sweater tips from Laurie: 1. Just say no to 100% Cotton: Laurie says cotton is the death of color. After a few washes cotton clothes can begin to fade and loose color. 2. Avoid itchy fabrics: There is nothing worse than scratching your way through a new sweater. Even if it’s on sale, if it's not comfortable you probably won't wear it! 3. Keep in mind where the sweater is hitting your body. You know where your "problem areas lie" so be aware of where your sweaters cut. Fro more of Laurie’s fashion tips visit her at : .

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Michael Gaffney
World-renowned floral designer Michael Gaffney chats with Mark and Paige about his jump from Wall Street to floral arranging. From simple first date bouquets to runway shows and movies, Michael has a passion of spreading joy and love through beautiful floral designs. Today Michael teaches Mark & Paige how to keep your fall flowers fresh for a month plus he dispels some of the most common myths about keeping your own flowers fresh.
Michael's tips to keeping flowers alive longer: 1. Copper is good for some plants, but pennies don't give off enough copper to matter. 2. Sugar and aspirin will not help you keep your plants alive longer. 3. Bleach will stop bacteria from forming on the stems of your plants helping them last longer. For more of Michael's tips or to sign up for a class, visit: .

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Jeanette DePatie
Certified fitness instructor and self described "Fat Chick," Jeanette DePatie is with Mark & Paige to talk about successful exercise regardless of your weight. Like many people who battle weight issues, Jeanette tired of looking for the "magic diet" and developed her own program to diet, exercise, and living a healthy life. Jeanette's dance based fitness program, emphasizes working with the body you have and not the body on the magazine cover. Today Jeanette gets the entire Home & Family crew off their feet and dancing to better health.
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Chris Rene
Former "X Factor" finalist Chris Rene takes to the Home & Family patio to sing a song from his newly released album. From a typical American childhood, Chris's path veered into drugs and alcohol. Chris's "X Factor" audition came just weeks after he had been released from rehab, but his determination to live his dreams have kept him clean and even took him to the show finals. Today, this rising music star shares his story of overcoming adversity, rekindling his relationship with his son, and how appearing on the show has changed his life.
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