Paige and Jason's Wedding - Paige's Dream Dress

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More than just a dress...

My Dream Dress

Almost every little girl dreams of their wedding day… how it will look, what she will wear… that dream dress she pictures herself saying ‘I DO’ in.

Your wedding gown is more than just a dress. The color, style and ceremonial importance is a reflection of your customs, your belief system and your personality.

Paige & Jason's Wedding - Paige Hemmis’ Perfect Wedding Dress

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My Wish

My ‘dream dress’ wish sounds cliché… I want to feel and look like a princess. But most of all, more than anything when Jason sees me for the very first time, standing before him in ‘that dress’ I want his heart to melt. I want to take his breath away.

I want him to feel as amazing and lucky as I do, to get to marry the man of my dreams.

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The Designer

I have been blessed to have my wedding gown custom designed and made by the amazing Mark Zunino. His gowns are always the epitome of female elegance, glamour & individuality. Having him help me create my "dream dress" has made this whole experience something very magical for me.

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The Sketches

I am so beyond excited to share with you all some of the amazing sketches that Mark has showed me as a part of his vision- they brought tears to my eyes.  I am so happy with them! The only problem is now I have to choose one! What do y’all think? Which one would you choose?           

I brought along some of my besties to the show to help me decide. A girl always needs her cheer squad when making an important decision such as this one.

Paige & Jason's Wedding

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Thank you...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you Mark Zunino for helping make my dream come true. I am so blessed.