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Monday, January 12

You know when you eat from your bowl on the floor but it isn’t anchored down by anything, so it keeps moving away from you every time you take a bite? Yeah, that. I LOVE THAT! I really do. I enjoy the challenge of chasing my food. Plus, it burns extra calories. Not that I worry. I am purrrfect at any weight. As long as I can still reach to lick my back. 

Can I have seconds? I want to make my bowl move again.

Thursday, January 8
Hey there! Just checking in to see if I missed anything. I was napping. And it was soooo nice! Come to think of it, who am I kidding? What could I possibly have missed during my nap that was better than my nap? 

Wait, you didn’t use the can opener without me, did you? I would hate to miss that.

So would it be weird if I had another nap right now? When it comes to naps, I find that infinity is the magic number. Nighty night!

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