Happy the Dog in L.A.

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We found Happy the Dog enjoying summer all over L.A.

Happy the dog enjoys his favorite chili dog at the famous L.A “Pink’s Hot Dogs” restaurant.

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Isabella Giannulli and Natasha Bure prepare a delicious dinner for Happy the Dog.

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Happy creates a special message for his lovely dates, “Natasha and Bella.”

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Happy the Dog enjoys the view after his long hike in the hills of Hollywood.

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Happy gazes at the stars and learns about some of the night skies’ finest constellations.

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Isabella Giannulli and Natasha Bure are the perfect date for Happy the Dog, during his red carpet premiere.

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Happy visits world renowned, Randy’s Donuts, to offer his opinion about how delicious the donuts are.

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Happy the Dog is having a picnic at the Hollywood Bowl while watching his favorite artist perform.

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Isabella and Natasha get the best ice cream Hollywood has to offer from Happy the Dog.