HAPPY THE CAT is a friendly, fuzzy, feline and the Ambassador of Paws-itivity!

He is a three-year-old adorable tabby who was recently rescued from an Ohio animal shelter. That’s right, Happy is a “rescue” cat. Thing is, Happy thinks it means something different... He thinks it’s a job title. See Happy believes it’s his job to rescue humans whenever they’re feeling sad, stressed or just looking for a fuzzy shoulder to lean on.

His name and persona bring a smile to all he meets. Happy’s bowl is always half full. He is positively ecstatic about everything – always. And now, he wants to share that Happy-ness with the world.

Things Happy the Cat likes:

-       The sound of a can opener.

-       The turn of the key welcoming someone home.

-       Kids, even the loud sticky kind.

-       Laughter and leftovers.

-       Hot cocoa. (And he gets whipped cream on his nose EVERYTIME.)

-       Happy likes light from sunny days.

-       And the sound of rain on stormy ones.

-       But snowy days might be the best of all cause they mean extra snuggles. 

Things Happy the Cat does not like:

-       NOTHING! Life is just too short (even if you have nine of them) not to be happy.