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Still Life and Death: A Shepherd Sisters Mystery

A murder at the flower shop.
An uncle suspected by the cops.
Savanna and her sisters are on the case.
(Book 3 of 3)
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Savanna Shepherd, a former art authenticator turned grade school art teacher, is delighted when her Uncle Max and Uncle Freddie move to Carson. Uncle Max takes a job at Libby’s Blooms, where Savanna teaches a still life painting class for adults. But one morning, Uncle Max finds a dead body in the rooftop greenhouse…and even worse, it looks like an inside job.

Savanna and her sisters—Skylar, a lawyer, and Sydney, the owner of a pet shop and grooming salon—dig in to find the real murderer. With their connections to the community and Savanna’s keen eye for details, they uncover longstanding resentments and horticultural clues. Meanwhile, Savanna’s dating local doctor Aidan Gallager, but she worries it’ll cause a scandal, since his daughter is in her class. As Savanna’s investigation leads her into thorny situations, the killer may be arranging another murder: her own.

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In Still Life and Death, when Savanna Shepherd needs information about people on her personal list of murder suspects, she knows who to turn to: Yvonne, her friend who works in the city council office and has access to important files. To persuade Yvonne to help, Savanna brings her treats from the local bakery, including a chocolate pecan brownie that’s to die for. File this scrumptious recipe away for any time you need to talk someone into something. Hey, it worked for Savanna!

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About The Author
About Tracy Gardner
Tracy Gardner is a metro Detroit native who writes mystery and romance novels. A daughter of two teachers, she has been writing since she could hold a pen. Tracy grew up on Nancy Drew mysteries and rock and roll. Her drive to understand the deeper meaning of things serves her well as an author of compelling, relatable characters and stories.

Tracy splits her time between being a nurse, a writer, and a baker, because brownies are an important staple in her home, which she shares with her husband, two fun-loving teens, and a menagerie of spoiled rescue dogs and cats.